Dr. Constipation Publishes FAQ From 2013’s Most Common Enquiries About Constipation

Dr. Constipation has collated all the requests for information they have received and used them to create an FAQ that addresses all the major issues surrounding constipation.

Constipation is a problem that affects millions, and most people are likely to experience it at some time or another. Despite this, very little is known by the general public about the condition, from its causes and how to prevent it to how to remedy it once it has set in. This leaves many people seeking answers after they become constipated. Dr. Constipation is a website that specializes in distributing information related to Constipation and has recently published an FAQ using the year’s most popular questions to create a definitive Q and A that will put many fears to rest.

The FAQ has every one of its thirteen most popular questions listed and hyperlinked at the top of the page, so users can quickly identify the question that most relates to their query and click it to get an answer. Alternatively, those interested in a robust briefing can scroll down the page to read the answers one by one.

The site also offers a wide range of recommended constipation remedies and a guide for better digestion to help prevent future cases. The site explains that fiber and hydration are the most important factors in preventing constipation and that high amounts of both can also help to cure it.

A spokesperson for Dr. Constipation explained, “The frequently asked questions part of the website has finally gone live to address the concerns of our readers in a more direct and comprehensive way. We are always happy to respond to emails but this can take time, and the FAQ means individuals can very likely find what they’re looking for by simply searching within the page for key terms and identifying similar questions. The FAQ completes our suite of resources and will position us very strongly in 2014 as the internet’s premier source of constipation advice. With all the rich and meaty meals of the holiday season we imagine traffic will soon begin to spike.”

About Dr. Constipation:
Dr. Constipation is a site offering information on the causes of constipation as well as making recommendations for remedies and treatments to relieve the soreness, bloating and blockages associated with the condition. The site is a comprehensive resource center with multimedia content and regularly updates with the latest research and guidelines for dealing with constipation.

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