Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C Helps Woman After Near Fatal Fall 20 Years Ago

Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C., Founder of The Concussion Place and also a Chiropractic Neurologist and Concussion Specialist has been able to help people who may have had a serious fall, car accident or other serious injury even decades afterward. Many people who may have had a TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury), still suffer from long past incidents and simply don’t always realize that help is available.

Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C. is not only a Chiropractor but also a Chiropractic Neurologist and widely recognized as one of very few Concussion Specialists in the country. Dr. Gulla and his staff at The Concussion Place provide all types of treatment and therapy like many chiropractic offices however they also provide and are specialists in brain function testing as well as nerve and muscle function testing.

Many people have serious injuries like a car wreck, a terrible fall, a severe sports injury or some other accident and maybe go to a hospital and see their doctors, and over time they recover and get back to normal….mostly! It is not uncommon at all for a lot of people to be mostly functional but still not quite all there or completely 100%.

Frequently people or their friends or even their doctors may recognize that something just isn’t quite right, but they just can’t really identify exactly what it is that’s wrong. They may have had a traumatic injury at some point in their life, maybe years or even decades ago and they have simply been dealing with the leftover results from it as best they can over the years.

The following is an example of exactly that situation.

A 40 year old woman named Rebecca had a near fatal fall while hiking in the mountains 20 years ago. She slipped and fell and slid off the edge of an area more than 35 feet above a ravine and water run off full of large boulders. She was life flighted in to a hospital in Colorado Springs with multiple injuries including a severe head injury which required 29 staples in her scalp. Rebecca has been living ever since with several long term health issues that have never fully been resolved.

Just over 20 years after Rebecca’s fall she took her eight year old daughter Emily in to see Dr. Gulla after she sustained her second head concussion. Emily’s concussion was worse than the first one and required overnight hospitalization this time. Thankfully Emily’s symptoms were clearing quickly but Rebecca was still very concerned about long term effects and whether or not her daughter might need to refrain from certain activities in the future. The staff at Dr. Gulla’s office was also able to provide Rebecca with a baseline assessment to help reassess her daughter if she has any further concussions and to provided her with a great amount of helpful education.

While Rebecca was with Emily during her concussion evaluation from Dr. Gulla’s staff she found that some of the testing being done had a much greater effect on her than on her daughter. After briefly discussing her own response to Emily’s testing and a little information about her own past medical history they immediately identified a potential vision/brain related issue and recommended she go see an eye and vision doctor. Dr. Gulla and his staff said it would change her life. Rebecca thought that might be a bit extreme but figured it would be worth a try. After seeing the recommended eye doctor and confirming Dr. Gulla’s suspicions, she received treatment and it literally did change her life for the better. Rebecca, an avid reader, had not been able to read at all in a moving vehicle without getting very sick for the past 20 years since her head injury from the fall. Recently, after the treatment, Rebecca and her family were on a long road trip and she was able to comfortably read in the moving car for more than 16 hours over a two day period. Her car sickness was completely healed and gone.

The Concussion Place is a multidisciplinary clinic specializing in comprehensive concussion management. The doctors and staff are specifically trained in concussion diagnosis and concussion management.  They see children and adult patients with concussions sustained in automobile accidents, sports, slip and falls, assaults, and combat.

Their comprehensive concussion management plan includes the diagnosis of concussion, nerve testing, establishing a brain-based nutrition plan, appropriate rest plan, and appropriate school or work accommodations, therapies for balance, vision, and muscles or joint problems, computerized balance therapy, psychotherapy for anxiety, memory and sleep, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and basic medical services. They are considered the Colorado Springs’ concussion management experts!

For further information about Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C. or to schedule a consultation please visit the website at www.TheConcussionPlace.com

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