Dr Ann Miller Expands Range Of Services To Include Chiropractic Approach To Weight Loss

Dr Ann Miller is exploring the possibilities for how chiropractic can affect weight and metabolism, and is supporting these approaches with a new range of products.

Chiropractic care is designed to realign the body after the stresses and strains of work, psychological pressures and simply sitting badly force the body out of its natural positioning, causing it to function sub-optimally.
Traditionally associated with things like back pain, chiropractic nevertheless affects the spine, and therefore the whole nervous system, making it a useful approach for a surprising number of conditions. Dr Ann Miller Chiropractor is now offering chiropractic treatments for weight loss, and is combining his cutting edge techniques with a new supplement called ChiroThin.

The new ChiroThin nutraceutical is said to help patients lose up to 20-45 pounds in 6 weeks, safely and effectively, while resetting their BMI and BMIR set points and reduce dependence on damaging habitual foods, drugs and other harmful lifestyle choices.

The supplement is designed to support the work of a chiropractor in realigning the joints and spine to improve the communication between the nervous system and brain, which itself can improve metabolism and appetite control to improve people’s chances of successfully losing weight. The combination approach has already shown great success in initial clients.

A spokesperson for the new Dr Ann Miller Weight Loss Center explained, “Drann Miller is pleased to be able to offer this new approach to weight loss chiropractic, which offers exciting opportunities for those looking to lose weight. Digestion, as well as signals between the brain and stomach, can be disrupted by bad posture, causing the body to retain more fat than necessary. What’s more, a high-functioning body is better capable of controlling the urges that lead people into bad eating habits. In this way, it offers a more full-spectrum solution to the problem than any fad diet, especially when combined with the exclusive new supplement. The result is a powerful and effective weight loss solution, available to individuals throughout Canandaigua.”

About Dr Ann Miller: Dr Ann Miller is a skilled chiropractic based in Canandaigua, New York. They offer postural care, pain relief, rehabilitation and more to a wide range of clients of all ages. Their skilled practitioner has years of experience and qualifications in the industry, and is on the cutting edge of current understanding, with new approaches to major health concerns such as weight loss.

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