Dr. Abid Paghdiwala Offers 3D Imaging Technology for Dental Implant Patients

Pearl Dental Arts in Newtown, PA is now offering the latest computerized tomography technology for dental implant patients.

Dr. Abid Paghdiwala, dentist at Pearl Dental Arts in Newtown, PA is now offering the latest computerized tomography technology for dental implant patients to ensure precision and accuracy with every procedure. This CT scan technology is used by Dr. Paghdiwala for implant diagnosis and treatment planning to give patients the absolute best outcome with their dental implant and mini dental implant procedures.

Traditionally, two-dimensional x-rays were used to determine proper placement for dental implants. However, because x-rays are not able to show multiple dimensions, the risk still exists of implants being placed in locations or at angles that may not be ideal for the patient or for the longevity of the implant. With cone beam CT scans, however, Dr. Paghdiwala is able to see a comprehensive 3D view of the patient’s facial anatomy so he can ensure a precise placement for the implants.

The cone beam scans are used to first diagnose the implant needs of the patient by viewing elements like bone density, nerve anatomy, and more. These same scans are then used by an external lab to create a treatment plan including a surgical guide that ensures precise and efficient placement of the implants. These surgical guides guarantee that the best location, angulation, diameter, and length is used when placing the implant that will give the patient the longest and most effective use of the new prosthetic.

Dental implants have become the ideal procedure today for patients who are missing permanent teeth and want to permanently restore their smile. Prior to dental implants, patients typically had to rely on other prosthetics like full or partial removable dentures or bridges which only restore partial function to the smile. With dental implants, patients can enjoy full use of their smile as the design of the implant looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth.

Dr. Abid Paghdiwala has been practicing dentistry for more than 35 years. He graduated among the top of his class from New Jersey Dental School and has been serving patients in the Bucks County and Greater Philadelphia area ever since. He has a specific emphasis on dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, having completed extensive continuing education courses in the dental sub-specialties. He has been placing implants for more than 10 years and has been awarded a Mastership in Implant Dentistry from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

To learn more about Dr. Paghdiwala and the CT technology he uses to ensure the best care and treatment for dental implant patients, please visit www.pearldentalarts.com.

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