Dr. Aaron Kosins Publishes a Guide to Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Individuals find the guide walks them through what they need to know when selecting a physician of this type, AaronKosinsMD.com reports

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, individuals underwent more than 10 million cosmetic procedures in 2014 alone. Buttock augmentation procedures rose by 86 percent and a 43 percent increase in surgical and nonsurgical procedures for men was also witnessed. Liposuction accounted for 342,494 of these procedures, with both men and women choosing this option, and nose surgery accounted for another 145,909 procedures. Individuals considering plastic surgery need to take care when choosing a surgeon and Dr. Arron Kosins, a newport beach ca rhinoplasty surgeon, has now published a guide to the 7 things a patient should know before choosing a plastic surgeon.

"The skill of the surgeon plays a large role in the success or failure of a plastic surgery procedure, yet other factors also need to be taken into consideration when making a selection. The guide explains what every patient should know before making this critical choice and may be easily obtained through our office. Our goal is to ensure every patient finds the right doctor for their needs, although we understand that, in certain situations, this may not be us," Dr. Aaron Kosins states.

Rhinoplasty works to improve the size, shape and/or general appearance of the patient's nose, offering a natural look that promotes a harmonious balance amongst all features of the face. Many patients opt to undergo this surgery in conjunction with rejuvenative surgery, such as a face lift, to enhance their overall appearance. When patients have realistic expectations, this procedure tends to be very satisfying and successful.

"My experience with newport beach rhinoplasty has taught me that this is the most challenging procedure seen in plastic surgery today. Many techniques may be used and various issues can arise. A surgeon must have a true understanding of the procedure and its many implications, which requires ongoing study along with continuous monitoring of the ever expanding knowledge base. I remain committed to providing patients with the latest in rhinoplasty at all times," Dr. Kosins continues.

Incisions associated with this type of surgery tend to be inconspicuous, and very few patients report significant complications. The results last a lifetime, although patients need to be prepared for changes seen as he or she ages. This is normal and part of the aging process. The recovery time is reasonable, with most patients returning to work within seven to ten days following the surgery, although the patient should wait three weeks before resuming all normal activities, such as exercise.

"Request a copy of the free guide today. Everyone has seen stories of plastic surgery that has gone horribly wrong. The guide is designed to help patients find the right doctor for their needs, so they don't have a similar experience. With more than 10 million procedures performed each year, patients will find they can have the face and body they dream of. It's easier than many believe," Dr. Kosins declares.

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Dr. Aaron Kosins remains committed to providing patients with the highest level of care at all times. In addition to his standard medical training, Dr. Kosins holds a clinical associate professorship at the University of California, Irvine, has been published a number of times and has presented at a variety of functions.

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