Double Electric Breast Pump on Closed System for Working Moms Launched

BabyWombWorld announces the launch of its closed system, double electric breast pump on the US market.

BabyWombWorld is pleased to announce the launch of its closed system, double electric breast pump in the U.S. Designed based on research conducted by the company on the benefits of a double electric breast pump and its technology, this new product is aimed towards optimizing breastfeeding for working moms.

The company, which launched the breast pump last year on the South African market to great success, has collaborated with seasoned midwife and lactation consultant, Christine Klynhans, to answer questions regarding the best type of breast pumps for mothers. According to Klynhans, “People nowadays all want hospital grade pumps, but in my opinion, this is an old term from a time when there were only a few select pumps. Today, standard electric pumps can do everything that those pumps could do ten years ago.”

The electric breast pump from BabyWombWorld is designed with the recommendations of experienced lactations specialists like Klynhans. Its new closed system pump can be used with a battery or a power outlet, is silent, and features 3D suction technology, rivaling the effectiveness of hospital-grade breast pumps from a decade ago.

A company spokesperson says, “The breast pump market is growing. Caregivers are moving towards natural milk as opposed to formula, but questions remain about what method is best for breastfeeding working moms. We fully support breastfeeding and we are dedicated to helping new mothers breastfeed for as long as possible. A busy schedule and career should not prevent mothers from continuing to breastfeed, and electric pumps stand out as options over manual types because they have the technology to make pumping at work or on the go easier, quieter, and more effective.”

According to the company, challenges such as noise, speed, and battery life all affect mothers who want to use breast pumps in any situation. As well, since many mothers do not know how to choose a breast pump, BabyWombWorld uses expert advice and testimonials to provide support for new mothers.

To find more information on double electric breast pumps, visit the BabyWombWorld official website or its Amazon storefront.






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