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DOL tells about its platform and gives valuable information on how it helps in preparation.

The IELTS exam is a tough test yet not an impossible one. It checks the English-language skills that learners want to succeed in graduate programmes, as its assessments are strict and detailed. That said, IELTS includes four tasks - reading, listening, speaking and writing - explicitly done. Unfortunately, it does not indicate what that way is. Therefore, several ILTS candidates with excellent English language skills score quite poorly than they might if they are aware of the "rules." The main criterion of a better IELTS preparation course is that it guides candidates in the manner IELTS needs to view things done. As IELTS most probably asks tricky questions, it is essential that anyone who wants to gain a high score becomes familiar with tricks, how to find them, and how to beat them. DOL is the free IELTS preparation platform developed by DOL IELTS Dinh Luc. Present techniques of teaching as well as learning English make the process of learning English quite more complex. Take out some time, find with DOL such problems, the causes and solutions of Thinking - Linearthinking developed by DOL and how to resolve these problems!

Linearthinking is logical and thinking English technique developed by a group of Vietnamese teachers at DOL, basically solving difficulties Vietnamese people face in learning English. It is applied to skills like speaking, writing, reading, listening, learning grammar and vocab. It separates from the Linearthinking or listening concepts. Linearthinking is a system of methods, not just linearly creating ideas. Linearthinking has several differences and improvements in comparison to the traditional cumulative learning technique and the learning method taken from abroad. It brings an affordable learning path for every level, understands what every group requires, focuses on the most assistance in reducing the learning time, and enable students to progress faster. Students using this platform can try various practical exercises rather than only a teaching theory. This helps students gain excellent skills ideal for all subjects. The accuracy rate is extremely high, enabling students to be good and boost their thinking. Also, learning IELTS, Linearthinking helps maximize speaking, listening, readings and writing ability in the study and work in general.

DOL does not go against the different methods of learning English (e.g., methods imported from abroad such as skimming/scanning or traditional accumulation methods). DOL just knew that the above techniques are not suitable for learners of every level and need to get more effective learning methods to resolve the exceptional problems in learning English. Also, this is the driving force behind DOL's production of the Linearthinking technique. Linearthinking, although bringing up many positive changes in English learning, is still not an ideal method. Therefore, DOL's team is making consistent efforts to discover and better this method daily, providing the best and comprehensive English learning experience for learners.
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About the Company: DOL is the online platform designed for IELTS preparation and helping students to gain skills like writing, reading, listening, speaking etc.

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Name: DOL English - IELTS Dinh Luc
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