Doki Doki Inc. Drops Interactive Audio NFTs Crypto Fuzzy in the Audio Metaverse

The start-up Doki Doki Inc. announced their first interactive audio NFT collection Crypto Fuzzy that is compatible with the audio metaverse through an augmented audio space called Cube.

San Francisco, December 6th, 2021 - The generative NFT collection of a thousand audio monsters called Crypto Fuzzy was released in the audio metaverse on December 6, 2021.

Augmented reality has arrived in the audio space. The world's first audio metaverse compatible NFT monster collection ‘Crypto Fuzzy’ was released as a generative NFT in a limited series of 1,000 creatures. All 1,000 NFT monsters that roam in the audio metaverse have their own unique AI generated voice and artwork.

Crypto Fuzzy buyers will also receive their own augmented audio space where they can interact with Crypto Fuzzy in the Audio Metaverse. Crypto Fuzzy is a newly born unidentified lifeform, waiting to get in touch with them.

Cubemint: a home to create and play in sound
Crypto Fuzzies live in the audio metaverse app ‘Cubemint’ developed by Doki Doki, Inc. This platform enables a world where everyone can live through sound.
Cubemint is scheduled to release in early 2022 as an app that enables a new era of creative freedom in augmented audio.

Crypto Fuzzy is the first project to be released on the platform. It demonstrates a virtual life form that lives in the audio metaverse space together with their owners and other users. The Crypto Fuzzy collection will be available to mint using the Polygon blockchain at starting Monday, December 6th.

Doki Doki, Inc. developing world’s first Audio Metaverse
One of the driving factors of the audio metaverse development is customization and accessibility. It’s an augmented audio reality where everyone is accepted and can just enjoy being present. It reflects familiar audio spaces but also realities that are usually not within reach except for the users’ mind. And now they can. Anyone can get together with friends, family and new people close and far at any time and easily interact and exchange values with each other in these audio spaces.

The release is unique in its kind and shedding light on a new side of the highly anticipated metaverse.

About Doki Doki Inc.

With offices in San Francisco and Kyoto in Japan, Doki Doki, Inc. is always working to create audio experiences for users through voice and sound. In 2017, Doki Doki released the apps Baby and Ball, which were both early voice social networks. The next app they released in the U.S. is Dabel, a social audio app. On this platform, over 80,000 users have connected with other users they just met in live conversations. The team also has a strong focus on app accessibility, making sure users with visual impairments can enjoy the platform as well.

Doki Doki was founded by Takahito Iguchi, who has been a leader in the XR (Cross Reality) field. He developed the augmented reality app Sekai Camera and, later in 2013, the Telepathy wearable device. In 2019, Iguchi led Doki Doki in creating Dabel, before shifting the team to focus on the Audio Metaverse.


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