Teaches the Skills Children Need to Stand up to Bullies

Martial arts training provides self defense, fitness and self esteem benefits reports

Bullying continues to be a problem in schools across the nation and yet many parents don't recognize the prevalence of this problem. According to the National Education Association, 60 percent of teenagers witness bullying every day in school and approximately 71 percent of students state that bullying is a problem that never goes away. "Parents concerned about teaching their child how to deal with bullies at school may wish to look into online MMA training," Grant Campbell of emphasizes.

Parents unable or unwilling to send their child to a local martial arts studio find to be the answer they are looking for. Not only will the child receive world class instruction, he or she won't become bored thanks to the new workouts every week. The program continually moves the child forward in his or her online self defense training and is fully comprehensive so he or she walks away knowing what to do when dealing with a bully.

"Bullying statistics frighten many parents and yet they don't know what to do to help protect their children. Schools often don't punish the offenders in a manner that will ensure the bullying stops and the child may be frightened to go to school or ride the bus as a result. Once a child learns martial arts, he or she feels comfortable confronting the bully and stopping the problem before it really gets started," Campbell states.

Dojo at Home offers a comprehensive program, one that provides students with many benefits. Not only will the child learn how to defend him or herself, the program will also provide nutritional information while improving the child's fitness level. Parents find a number of programs to select from, depending on what they want their child to achieve. From basic training and fitness information to a program offering student chat rooms, special guest instructors and more, parents quickly find a program that will help their child in his or her situation.

"We offer a free trial to allow parents to determine which program works best for the child. The trial also allows parents and children to see how the system works as you try the various programs. Give your child the skills he or she needs to stand up to bullies. Dojo at Home makes this easy to do," Campbell declares.

About understands people have many avenues available when they wish to obtain information, yet this information may not be accurate. Thanks to advances in computer technology and a wide range of online programs offered, people learn differently than they have in the past, no matter what the subject matter is and that's why was created. Martial arts training needs to embrace the technology and help students across the globe advance in the field of martial arts. The program enhances the overall martial arts experience for users and can be accessed around the clock, making it the perfect choice for those who have avoided this field due to time, location or other constraints.

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