DOGILY Petshop Desires To Bring Puppies To Home And Make Them The Member Of Every Family

Dogily has become the current leading importer as well as a breeder of pet dogs in Vietnam.

The one-stop solution is here at that was formed with the aim to develop the desire of bringing puppies to home and making them the member of every family. The store owns a Dogily Kennel Farm system. The motto of the store is to ignite the idea of 'My dog is Family and not a pet'.

On having a hearty chat with Pham Hoang Long, the founder of Dogily said that "I am a person with several years of experience in the senior management. I own dozens of high-class dogs that are imported from Europe. I have from Akita Inu to Shiba Inu, Alaskan malamute and so on. My motto of establishing Dogily was to build a platform where people of Vietnam can get a prestigious and professional brand on Dogs. This platform will give each family the best quality of dogs' at the most appropriate prices"

Currently, there are a series of pet stores under the brand Dogily. There is also a national Dogily Petshop and a Dogily social media channel ( Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) that is trending. The kennels farm systems have helped many families to breed, buy as well as sell dogs. The store has a wider choice of dog breed from a poodle, phoc squirrel to bulldog, corgi, to a golden retriever, Labrador, Malinois and so on.

What is more interesting is that there is also a series of animal accessories brands that the Pet shop offers. The store believes in being committed to the health of the puppies.

When spoken to the co-founder, Vuong Trang (a journalist by profession) communicates to the people at large through newspapers, social networks and television stating that 'dog is family and not just pet!' Vaccination of the dogs are our responsibility. We help in preparation for all the necessary documents that may be required for haulage or medical examination etc.''

Dogily is first of its types to provide families with dogs who have never met earlier. The responsibility shouldered is huge. A good number of years have gone in screening, selecting and developing cooperative relationships with professional breeders be it at home or abroad. There are many honest breeders across Russia, France, and Poland, Ukraine etc. from where the best breed puppies are selected and served them to the customers. We wish Dogily all the best.

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