Doggy Dog Town Releases Amazing Dog Training Report

Dog owners obtain the information needed to have a happy, healthy pet with new report.

Doggy Dog Town proudly announces the release of the free report entitled "How To Be An Alpha Dog", a report designed to allow any canine owner to take back control of his or her home. Dogs make wonderful companions, yet must be trained to reach their full potential. "This report strives to help every dog owner stop behavior problems seen with their animals. With the help of this report, dog owners learn to make the dog behave at all times, and one just needs to enter his or her e-mail to receive instant access to this amazing report," John Hunter of Doggy Dog Town ( states.

The key to successfully training a dog lies in beginning this training while he or she is a puppy. The sooner the dog learns obedience, or any type of training, ownership becomes much easier, and many wonder if certain breeds are easier to train than others. Most consider the Australian shepherd to be the easiest dog to train, and these dogs are great for those in need of a working animal or those looking to obtain a dog for protection. Other dogs considered easy to train include border collies, German shepherds, rat terriers, and golden or Labrador retrievers.

"Owners need to remember that dogs, just like humans, have their own personality, and individual differences seen in these dogs may affect training. Furthermore, the owner and his or her ability to reinforce the training and remain consistent plays a role in successful training. Any dog receiving inconsistent messages is likely to become confused and not know how to behave. Those dogs lacking stimulation, interaction, and exercise may also act up. Spending time with the dog is a great way to ensure he or she behaves and remains happy and healthy," Hunter explains.

Often, individuals looking to obtain a dog for protection turn to German Shepherds. Frequently used for police work, German Shepherd Training typically takes little time as these dogs are intelligent and respond well to commands once trained. "A German shepherd is a good example of a dog that must be trained as one needs to channel the animal's energy and find ways to cope with the protective and cautious instincts of the dog. Successful training, with German shepherds or any breed, relies on the owner finding the right balance between kindness and firmness, and Doggy Dog Town strives to show owners how to do exactly this for great results," Hunter states.

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