Doggy Dog Town Launches Free Dog Training Report to Dog Owners

Guide teaches owners to how to stop common dog behavior problems.

Animal behaviorists, veterinarians and other canine professionals have long recognized that some breeds of dogs present a greater training challenge to their owners than others. Breeds with strong protective instincts, such as German Shepherds, or breeds with negative public perception, such as Pit Bulls, should receive careful and correct handling as puppies in order to become well-adjusted adults. A Dallas area professional dog training facility, Doggy Dog Town, is offering a free dog training report, How to Be the Alpha Dog to interested puppy owners. The report is available for download at It includes information on how to train a Pitbull puppy as well as info specific to German Shepherd training.

Breed specific training is not a new idea. Professionals routinely approach the raising and training of some breeds differently from others. Methods that work with a dog bred for centuries to be a companion do not work with dogs whose breeding has programmed them to use their prey drive, such as dogs that originate from the herding, working and sporting groups. Doggy Dog Town owner John Hunter, a dog training professional since the age of 15, says consideration of the dog's natural proclivities is key. "We have to work with the genes," he said, when asked about various dog training approaches. "We look at a cute little German Shepherd pup and we know that if he isn't obedience trained from a young age that he'll have the potential to grow up into a dog that might hurt someone. The onus is on the owner. If the owner is not able to train his Shepherd or Pit Bull himself, or be willing to pay for someone else to do it, then he should get a different breed of dog." Leadership is also important. According to Hunter, "It's important to establish boundaries with a new puppy from the moment he comes into the home. Dogs are like young children - they thrive when they know what to expect. They should be given a schedule, be crate and leash trained, and should be taught house rules, which need to be enforced in a consistent manner. Things a dog should understand are off limit areas, such as furniture and counters, off limit things, such as shoes and chair legs, and where he is to eat and use the bathroom."

Breed selection and age appropriate training that begins in puppyhood will ensure that a puppy grows up to be a happy and well-adjusted family member. Every shelter dog was once a perfect puppy. By taking the time to carefully evaluate breed suitability prior to purchasing a puppy, and by teaching the pup the behaviors he should exhibit as an adult, owners can make certain that every young puppy grows up to be dog whose behavior is both acceptable and dependable.

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