Doge Dash, A Mario run-inspired game, aims to launch on Christmas, promises never seen like enjoyment

Doge Dash launches, as it takes gaming to the next level.

The crypto landscape has witnessed massive recognition of gamified crypto projects. Among the top ones are Crypto blades, Axie Infinity, and Mist. Despite their success, these projects have one thing in common - they are too complex for the average gamer to handle. And that is where Doge Dash is and aims to be different from all others.

Doge Dash, a Mario run-inspired game aims to hit the gamified market just before Christmas. In a bid to actualize this reality, the team has acquired the Doge LLC name in the US. Doge Dash has been listed on Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, and

The Vision and the head-turning achievements

The vision of Doge Dash is to be the most honest and transparent project on the blockchain. To achieve this, the community is contributing in a positive and healthy way. The development of the project is also progressing steadily. Doge Dash has trended for 24 straight hours for three days on CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap, and Dextools. In the coming years, more games will be developed based on the game character and vision.


Doge Dash is founded by Paul Caslin, the Creative Director of the US MTV music video awards (MVA). The project parades a host of other great team members, including Sander who is the project's CSO and Sofia who serves as the brand ambassador. The team is poised to deliver on the project's vision and mission.

To demonstrate transparency and honesty to all token holders, Paul has burned his token worth over 1.6 million USD with one of his private wallets. “I just never anticipated the project to take off like it did, and I think it is really unfair to other investors that I own so many tokens in a private wallet,” Paul said in a statement.

The team intends to build the NFT collection, which users can deploy as a skin in the game. Plans are also underway to launch staking and LP pools after the launch of Doge Dash in November/December.

The Future Of The Project

For now, the team at Doge Dash is strictly focused on the development of the game. The team will also develop the NFT collection, bring new influencers onboard, and press forward to encourage the adoption of the asset. What's more? The asset would be listed on the top 20 centralized exchanges in the coming weeks.

Token Utility

The project has a native token with the symbol "$DogeDash." The token employs the following three functions:


3% of every transaction on the Doge Dash ecosystem will be re-allocated to token holders.


3% of every transaction on the Doge Dash ecosystem will be burned so that it creates scarcity for the coin to be valuable.


3% of every transaction on the Doge Dash ecosystem will be spent on marketing to encourage adoption and create awareness about the project.

How To Buy Doge Dash

● Download the Trust Wallet via the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
● Create your wallet and make sure you select BNB smart Chain.
● Use your credit/debit card to purchase BNB Smart Chain
● Go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet.
● Confirm the connection on your Trust Wallet.
● Copy-paste the Doge Dash contract address in the space provided.
● Set the slippage to 9-12% before swapping.
● Click on the Swap icon
● Hold the assets until you are ready to sell.

About Doge Dash

Doge Dash is a Mario run-inspired game for lovers of video games. Gamers have the opportunity to earn coins through all the 10 levels by deploying their gaming skills or through their contributions to the ecosystem. Any player who is able to dash through all the stages or levels will be rewarded with all the collected coins credited into his/her connected wallet.

As you play Doge Dash and progress through the different levels, the degree of difficulty also keeps increasing. To complete the game, you must navigate through a zombie and monster-infested city.

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