Dodero Hearing Center Expands Tinnitus Treatment Options in Santa Barbara CA

With rates of tinnitus on the rise, finding effective treatment options to manage the condition is essential. The tinnitus therapy options below are now available from Dodero Hearing Center in Santa Barbara, CA.

Ringing in the ears is a hearing problem which affects approximately fifty million US citizens between 60 and 75 years old. More prevalent in men than women, the primary characteristic of ringing in the ears is experiencing sounds that nobody else can hear. Tinnitus quite often suggests a problem developing within the four areas of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain – and consequently could be more of a sign of other issues than a disease itself. Tinnitus often appears as a co-symptom connected with other kinds of either conductive or sensorineural loss of hearing, rather than being a form of hearing loss by itself. Also, because tinnitus fills the ears with a continuous base level of ever-present sound, it decreases the absolute threshold of hearing and causes it to become challenging to listen for faint sounds “over” the constant buzzing or ringing.

Because tinnitus is such a widespread problem in the U.S., the audiologists at Dodero Hearing Center are constantly researching new therapies. Tinnitus research is a very active field with many studies and trials completed each year. Consequently, long-time tinnitus sufferers are frequently unaware of the newest solutions. Being able to offer the most up-to-date tinnitus treatments locally in Santa Barbara, CA is a point of pride for the audiologists at Dodero Hearing Center. As part of that effort they've compiled a list of tinnitus therapies on their website and regularly blog about fresh developments in the field of tinnitus research. Readers looking for further detail about the treatment options listed below are urged to visit the website at or call for an appointment.

Hearing aids. Most individuals with tinnitus have some amount of hearing loss. Hearing aids can provide the double benefit of enhancing hearing ability while also covering the sounds of tinnitus. Tinnitus sufferers making use of hearing aids commonly report partial or complete alleviation of tinnitus symptoms.

Drug Therapies. Some tinnitus sufferers experience anxiety and other strong emotional responses to their tinnitus. Certain medicines may offer relief from these emotional reactions and provide some relief from the ringing in the ears.

Maskers. A tinnitus masker is a small electronic device that generates sounds of its own to cover up (or mask) the tinnitus. Numerous patients claim good success with tinnitus maskers although they don't improve hearing the way a hearing aid does.

Relaxation and Counseling. Learning how to relax is extremely important if the ringing in your ears aggravates you. Stress tends to make ringing in the ears feel even worse. People with tinnitus might experience anxiety, depression and other psychiatric problems for which counseling is applicable.

About Dr. David Dodero

Dr. David Dodero has been providing quality hearing health care services to the Santa Barbara community since 1977. He received his BA degree in Speech & Hearing at UC Santa Barbara in 1975, his Master's degree in Audiology at CSU Los Angeles in 1976, and his Doctorate degree in Audiology at Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2004. From 1977-1992 he held the position of clinical audiologist at the prestigious Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara. In 1992, he opened Dodero Hearing Center to offer comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments and the most advanced hearing technologies. Dr. Dodero believes in giving back to the community by offering free hearing screenings, educational classes at retirement facilities, and educational Lunch & Learn seminars that teach skills for the hearing-impaired person to better communicate with others.

About Dodero Hearing Center

Dodero Hearing Center is a full service Audiology clinic providing the most comprehensive hearing care available including hearing protection, diagnostic hearing loss testing and the fitting of hearing aids in Santa Barbara. Dodero Hearing Center uses the most advanced hearing technologies available and takes pride in the fact that as the field of hearing aid technology changes they change with it. Dodero Hearing Center is a multi-line dispensing audiology practice offering quality hearing instruments from many of the top manufacturers including Oticon, Phonak, Sonic Innovations and Widex. Dodero Hearing Center will ensure your hearing aids fit comfortably, work properly, and give you the maximum hearing enhancement available.

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