Docusearch Introduces Extensive Criminal Records Lookup Database For Clients

Criminal background checks are a necessity for business owners. See how Docusearch's extensive criminal records lookup database helps create safety and security at

According to statistics published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the average organization loses 5 percent of its profits to fraud every year. The median dollar loss to a company is nearly $140,000, while about 20 percent of businesses and organizations lose more than $1 million.

It is with these unfortunate statistics in mind that, Docusearch, the country’s premier resource for private investigator searches and lookups, is introducing their extensive criminal records lookup database available for new and existing clients. This database provides an opportunity for Docusearch to better serve clients looking for in-depth information about an individual’s criminal past and allows for county, state, and nationwide searches.

Dan Cohn, one of the founders of Docusearch, stated “Fraud, theft, and violent crime are at an all-time high across the county. These types of crimes are happening in businesses and homes and are negatively affecting business owners, landlords, and others. Fortunately, background checks help to lower these statistics. The best indicator of future behavior is past activity, and there’s little doubt that checking criminal history before hiring or renting to someone can save people from having to deal with a lot of unnecessary trouble and financial repercussions.”

Unlike other companies, our criminal records searches are hand-researched and closely reviewed for accuracy by real, licensed, private investigators. With any Docusearch database search level that a client chooses, they’ll gain access to the same information used by law enforcement. The results for national and statewide searches will be returned back to the client within the same business day, and they can expect county-wide arrest records to be returned in a few days. This level of speed and accuracy allows business owners to make quick decisions that they can truly be confident about and won’t end up regretting in the long run.”

“Our website at operates 24 hours per day every single day of the year. We want clients to know what they’re getting themselves into when dealing with a potential hire or renter. Clients can rest assured that our team will always go above and beyond for them, paying close attention to detail and getting them the information that other companies simply cannot give them. This results in greater peace of mind and less risk for every client who trusts our service.”

About Docusearch:

Docusearch is America’s premier resource for private investigator searches and lookups. Since 1996 they've helped over 1,000,000 people and businesses find accurate, up-to-date information using real, licensed private investigators instead of outdated and inaccurate public records databases. Docusearch’s clients include attorneys, private investigators, insurance companies, government agencies and private citizens. The company is committed to serving clients’ needs with personal, detail-oriented service that gets them the exact information they need when they truly need it most.

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