Doctors Now Recommend Replacing Prescription Wrinkle Creams With Organic Anti-Aging Product

Today’s doctors are more aware of the chemicals being used in consumer prescription creams, and have now started recommending a new organic over-the-counter formula as a replacement.

Containing harsh, and often irritating chemicals, retinol creams have become a top choice by consumers as a solution for aging skin. Typically prescribed by doctors, Retinol creams are used to quickly treat age spots, wrinkles, scars and sagging skin. Targeted for the wealthier consumer, typical prescription retinol creams can cost hundreds of dollars, narrowing the margin of availability to a select group.

The newest organic retinol cream on the market "Retinique," has become highly recommended as a new over the counter replacement for prescription creams, opening up a new market for consumers. Dr. Cho, a well-known dermatologist in Southern California, is one of the many doctors recommending the switch, she commented, "The most important component of Retinique is the ingredient hyaluronic acid. As the human body ages it loses the ability to produce it, causing the skin to dry out and sag, resulting in deep lines and heavy wrinkles. I recommend Retinique to my patients because it quickly restores the buoyancy of the skin, adding radiance and helping to even out fine lines and wrinkles faster and safer than prescription creams."

L-arginine is another main ingredient in Retinique; the amino acid aids the skin cells in regenerating themselves quicker, resulting in smoother radiant skin. Also helping to restore fat cells beneath the skin, l-arginine helps restore the skins elasticity, removing deep furrow lines and wrinkles. When applied to the skin, it safely helps remove dark spots, dead skin cells and fine lines on the skins surface.

Within a short time, Retinique has become a preferred formula for wrinkles, age spots and scars. Being organic, doctors now recommended it as a replacement for prescription creams, increasing its credibility and opening up a new market for consumers worldwide.

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