Doctor Says Low Testosterone Often An Unseen Problem

Noted health expert Dr. Howard Liebowitz says low testosterone can affect more than sex drive in men.

Noted health and alternative medicine expert Dr. Howard Liebowitz said low testosterone in men is a common and easy to treat problem in men over 45 years old.

“Low levels of this natural hormone in men can do more than decrease a sex drive,” he said. “Research has linked low testosterone to depression, reduced muscle mass, loss of energy and fatigue. Considering how easy this problem can be treated, there are absolutely no reasons for men to suffer this way.”

Science knows this naturally occurring hormone loss as Hypogonadism or Andropause. Dr. Liebowitz said as men age, the chance of having this condition increases.

“The test is simple. We draw some blood and shortly we have a good profile of your endocrine system output. We check for more than just low testosterone of course,” he said. “With those results, we can chart a course for rebuilding your testosterone levels to what they should be.”

Replacement therapy comes in a variety of treatments. Gels rubbed on the skin, injections, pellets, patches and some pills can boost testosterone levels. Dr. Liebowitz said he matches the course of treatment to what the patient is most comfortable with and what he believes will be most effective.

“Just because the aging process says this happens naturally, doesn’t mean it has to happen. Advances in medical science are allowing us to push back the aging process and help people live longer and healthier lives,” he said.

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