Doctor Recommended Expands Line to Include Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals increases its range of fast acting, affordable products available to treat wrinkles, blemishes, and dry skin.

According to statistics released by GBI Research in a recent January report, cosmeceuticals make up the fastest growing sector of the health and beauty industry. The report stated demand for these clinically proven cosmetics and beauty products containing active pharmaceutical ingredients is soaring. Headed by anti-aging cosmeceuticals, this roughly $60 billion worldwide cosmetic industry offers an alternative to costly and often dangerous surgical procedures, promising more dramatic results at lower costs in terms of safety, time and money. To keep up with the demand, Doctor Recommended ( has expanded their line of anti-aging products for public purchase, without a prescription.

Says company spokesperson Dr. Abid Akram, "The cosmeceuticals produced by Doctor Recommended are skin treatments providing genuinely visible results, providing additional benefits beyond what other over-the-counter skin care products produce. Our expanded line includes items ranging from anti-aging, moisturizing products to sensitive care remedies and products for problematic skin. Additionally, we provide a line of face cleansing and sun care products anyone can benefit from."

Combining the terms cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, this catch-all term characterizes non-prescription products processed with high-grade ingredients, producing dramatic results. Says Dr. Akram, "We also import various cosmeceuticals from all over the world. As a Manhattan-based cosmeceutical laboratory, we formulate the world's finest and most exclusive cosmeceuticals, manufacturing them in our cGMP-certified facilities. Our mission is to provide the most effective products at the most affordable prices."

Akram explains how much better the doctor recommended cosmeceuticals are for consumers than regular cosmetics, saying, "Numerous cosmetics will claim their items will give the skin more benefits. You see it all the time in wrinkle reduction creams or skin correction products. And while it's true these items do have ingredients which help correct skin conditions to a certain degree, the actual concentration of the active ingredients is simply not high enough for noticeable results to occur. Cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, contain a significantly higher concentration of these same active ingredients, and because of this, cosmeceutical products are able to penetrate deeper into the dermal layers of skin, presenting more visual results in a shorter time frame."

Dr. Akrams concludes, saying, "With faster results and affordable prices, our expanded line of anti-aging products make younger skin available for men and women alike. Whether you're facing acne and blemishes or wrinkles before your time, we have fast-acting products available to treat your condition."

Located in New York City, Doctor Recommended LLC formulates hi-tech cosmeceuticals, develops and distributes fine cosmeceuticals at affordable prices, specializing in plant stem cells, peptides, amino acids, PBN or spin trap, vitamins B, C, E, A, K and other plant extracts and oils for cosmetic utilization. Their mission is to create only scientifically proven products, making their customer's lives younger and brighter

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