Doctor Paralyzes Then Kills Bullies 19 Years After Being Attacked

In the spring of 1992, a successful Hammond, Indiana Chiropractor, Dr. Benjamin Weinstein, decided he was going to torture and kill the four anti-Semitic bullies who savagely beat him up on a deserted road.

The four anti-Semitic bullies who savagely beat up and nearly killed a Wirt High School graduate, Benjamin Weinstein on June 14th, 1973 were sentenced to only two years in prison back then, a lenient punishment considering the viciousness of their crime. Nearly twenty years later, in the spring of 1992, Dr. Benjamin Weinstein, a successful Hammond, Indiana chiropractor decided these four bullies, now all in their late 30’s, should pay more—a lot more. After learning one of his past attackers owned a thriving auto supply store and was leading the good life, Dr. Weinstein embarked on a secret mission to hunt down his other three assailants so he could torture and kill them—belated justice for being bullied all through school, culminating with the 1973 beating.

In his new book, Stagecoach Road: The Bullies Must Die (CCB Publishing), Dr. Daniel Kamen, an internationally known animal chiropractor from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, details how Dr. Weinstein first captured, then tortured and killed each bully. “Dr. Weinstein went to a pawn shop in the most crime infested section of Gary, Indiana and bought a tranquilizer gun and the drug Sucostrin (Succinylcholine Chloride), which is not a tranquilizer, but a muscle blocking agent used to restrain dangerous animals for relocation,” said Dr. Kamen. “Sucostrin temporarily paralyzes the animal who is rendered helpless but fully conscious, aware, can feel immense pain, and is insanely terrified.Dr. Weinstein hunted each bully down, one at a time, and shot them with this drug so he could transport them alive to the exact deserted spot on Stagecoach Road in Portage, Indiana where he himself brutally assaulted by them in 1973. Once each paralyzed bully realized who their captor was, Dr. Weinstein gruesomely tortured each one to his satisfaction before killing them.”

The author cautions this book is not for young readers considering the extreme violence and graphic sexual content. In one fervid scene, Benjamin’s pretty, and provocatively dressed but virtuous girlfriend, Laura, loses her virginity to Tommy, the older and experienced bad-boy band leader who first steals her from Benny at the graduation party, then later coaxes her into his second floor apartment, “to get my keys so I can drive you home,” then locks the door once inside. Laura doesn’t know how to say no and quickly succumbs to Tommy’s torrid advances. Tommy was the first to be paralyzed, tortured, and butchered by Dr. Weinstein nineteen years later. “I don’t want young people to mimic any of these actions,” said Dr. Kamen. “It’s not OK to take the law into your own hands.”

The book's message is clear: If someone are being bullied, fight back when they have the chance. Even if they fight back and lose, the bullying will stop forever and they can get on with their life.

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