Doctor Omar Reviews Garcinia Cambogia Extract To Give Independent Medical Insights

Doctor Omar goes into detail on the underlying chemistry that makes Garcinia Cambogia so effective as a weight loss supplement, as well as establishing its place in a competitive market.

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the original and best loved dietary supplements of the 21st century. The obesity epidemic is a favorite of the media and has contributed to the collective consciousness surrounding the need to lose weight and stay healthy. However, the slow pace of unassisted dieting is not suitable for modern living, and so supplements like Garcinia Cambogia have become popular. Despite their popularity there remains a lack of understand as to how they work, and Doctor Omar is here to resolve that disparity.

Dr Omar has published new information on the medical and clinical underpinnings of Garcinia Cambogia including a review of the work of Dr. Julie Chen, who first trialed the supplement and encouraged it to be brought to market for general use after she found individuals using the supplement lost between one and three times the weight of those dieting without it.

The website describes in detail the chemical processes at play in the use of Garcinia Cambogia- on a molecular level the plant binds with enzymes usually used to process fat, meaning they are ‘locked out’ of fat absorption and thus it passes through the body without being fully absorbed. The positive qualities of Garcinia Cambogia also ensure that metabolism is increased to burn existing fat more quickly. It is these two complementary active processes that make the supplement so effective.

A spokesperson for Doctor Omar explained, “Garcinia Cambogia is a powerful tool in weight loss regimes, and is most effective when combined with diet and exercise. Exercise naturally burns fat and increases the metabolism of the body. Combine this with the effects of the supplement and a reduced intake of fat in the first place, and the user is optimizing the conditions for which to lose weight quickly and effectively.”

About Doctor Omar:
Doctor Omar is a practicing medical professional who specializes in nutritional sciences. He reviews dietary supplements to give expert testimony on their effectiveness and quality, in order to inform readers to make confident consumer choices. His website details the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia supplements and includes information on side effects and usage limitations.

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