Dock Blocks Introduces Boat Boost

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Dock Blocks is proud to introduce a new innovation to their unique docking system allowing them to lift heavier boats.

Dock Blocks of North America, a floating dock system company based out of Charleston, South Carolina, is proud to unveil their latest product the boat boost. Previously the drive-on boat lifts that Dock Blocks of North America was selling were for boats up to 6,000 lbs. Now with the Boat Boost system the Dock Blocks are able to lift boats up to 12,000 lbs., opening up a whole new market that Dock Blocks of North America previously couldn’t service.

“We are very excited to introduce this new product because it allows us to reach customers who we have previously had to turn away because their boats were over our recommended weight,” said Doug Edwards, Dock Blocks of North America VP of Sales and Marketing Edwards. “We are also excited because boat boost allows us to work with several government contractors whose boats were previously out of our weight class.”

This technology has been years in the making and DBNA is excited to finally announce its availability. This past Spring (April 2018) the Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina purchased a system capable of lifting up to ten vessels, each weighing up to 12,000 lbs.  This allows CHRM to establish a new source of revenue on a dock that was previously not being used, with a predicted return on investment of only three years.  Lloyd Weston, sales manager at CHRM said this about the new Dock Blocks installed back in April:

“There was a spot where we could put the ten Dock Blocks that allowed us to generate more revenue that we otherwise would not have had inside our marina.  A lot of family oriented people that come down with their kids and it gives them an option to keep their boat up out the water.  The boat stays dry, protected and they can easily drive it in and out of the water when they need to.”

How it Works:

To Raise the Boat

The system will pump air into the flotation tank to cause the dock to rise. Rotate the levers to the positions shown and turn on the pump. The dock will begin to rise. The time required depends largely on the weight of the boat being lifted. When the dock is sufficiently raised, turn off the pump and return the left lever to the vertical position. When raised, the dock should sit evenly in the water.

To Lower the Boat

The system will exhaust the air that is in the flotation tank and the dock will slowly sink into the water. The pump is not needed. Rotate both levers to the positions shown. Air will exhaust through the open port on the back of the control cabinet as the dock sinks. When the dock is low enough, return both levers to the vertical position. The boat may now be driven off the dock.

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