Do Not Buy The Linden Method From Amazon

The Linden Method is more than just a book, it is a full program which can be bought online at

The Linden Method is a program which seeks to help people with anxiety and panic disorders. Each recovery course is delivered through a private practice and is made up of multiple parts including books, anxiety recovery retreats, mentoring advice, workshops, email support and access to any and all staff.

Unfortunately, online sellers on Amazon are selling the Linden Method books without the accompanying materials and support. This is misleading people who believe that the book represents the whole program, when in fact, it represents just 10% of the materials we provide. Furthermore, this negligence is leading people to post negative reviews of the program as a whole, not realising they have not had the access to professional counselors they should.

For the vast majority of people with anxiety and panic disorders, the Linden Method book is just the first stage of the recovery process. The book acts as a guide, taking you through the recovery process in a simple and steady manner. The important thing to remember, though, is that everyone has different personal experiences and the other elements allow for greater personalization allowing you to get exactly the support you need to recover.

All TLM members get access to the TLM app which includes all the recovery resources as well as first-aid applications to stop panic attacks, OCD and phobias on the go. TLM members also have free unlimited access to private anxiety recovery counselors, all taken from a team of BACP and BPS psychotherapists and psychologists and LAR accredited practitioners.

The Linden Method has been endorsed by celebrities including Jodie Kidd, Miranda Hart and Linda Robson but you can also see testimonials from TLM recovered and recovering patients online too. Being able to see and hear other people’s stories is one of the great advantages of the program as it is a reminder that you don’t have to struggle on alone.

If you have an anxiety or panic disorder, take a look at for all the materials you need. Do not buy from Amazon sellers.

For more information about The Linden Method and website, please contact Charles Linden on 0800 069 9898, or email him at Please address any postal queries to 26 Comberton Road, Kidderminster. DY10 3DL, and to see all the available resources offered by The Linden Method, please visit

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