Divine Departures Publishes Informative New Guide to Pre-Paid U.K. Funeral Plans

With funeral prices skyrocketing, more residents of United Kingdom are looking into this effective way of locking in costs and will benefit greatly from new guide, Divine Departures reports

Divine Departures published a new guide to Pre Paid Funeral Plans at the company's website. With funeral prices in the United Kingdom increasing every year, more people are taking advantage of this effective way of containing their final costs and ensuring that loved ones will not be burdened with paying them. The new Divine Departures guide provides readers with all they need to know to understand this important option, after which site visitors can also easily compare prepaid funeral plans to see which might best suit them.

"Everyone will pass away eventually, but not everyone is prepared," Divine Departures representative Linda Jones said, "With funeral costs increasing at a rapid rate, making financial arrangements for one's funeral now makes even more sense than before. Our new guide to pre-paid funeral plans will help readers understand this option, giving them everything needed to pick from among our Divine Departures Funeral Plans."

In its 2014 annual report, insurance company SunLife noted that the average total cost of dying in the U.K. had risen to over 8,000 GBP, an increase over the previous year representing a rate more than seven times the inflation in the overall economy. Funeral expenditures made up a major share of these costs, with the average funeral in the U.K today now resulting in bills of nearly 3600 GBP. Funeral costs in the U.K., in fact, have consistently risen at twice the average rate of inflation for at least a decade, leaving some analysts to predict that the average tab could top 14000 GBP within twenty years.

Given these sobering facts, more people in the U.K. have become interested in making preemptive arrangements for their own funerals and final expenses. Nearly a million individuals in Great Britain, in fact, are now covered under plans that will provide for their funerals, guarding against painful cost inflation and sparing their loved ones from needing to meet such expenses in a time of grief.

Divine Departures is one of the U.K.'s top sources for those interested in this important and increasingly popular option. With a network that spans more than 3,600 funeral directors in the United Kingdom, the company makes it easy for anyone to get quotes on a wide range of pre-paid funeral plans. All applicants, in fact, are guaranteed to be accepted, whatever their age or health status, with financing options ranging from up-front, one-time payment to installments over ten years being available.

The new Divine Departures guide to pre-paid funeral plans will ensure that readers have all the facts they need to make the best possible decision regarding this responsible, thoughtful choice. Visitors to the Divine Departures can also easily sign up for a free, no-obligation quote regarding their options.

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Helping people throughout the United Kingdom better plan for their futures and those of their loved ones, Divine Departures provides quick, free quotes on pre-paid plans that combat the rapidly rising costs of funerals.

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