DIVE.in Magazine Utilizes Professional Divers To Help Newcomers Enter The World Of Scuba

DIVE.in Magazine is known to its 80,000 Facebook fans for having its finger on the pulse of the scuba diving world, and now they are opening that world to beginners with a resource center.

The sea covers two thirds of the world’s surface, and is home to 99% percent of the inhabitable space on the planet, home to half of all the species on earth. Unlike the land, which has been fully mapped and charted, the sea is still home to fresh discoveries, and offers excitement and opportunities for scuba divers. DIVE.in is the world’s foremost magazine on all things scuba diving, and they take their mission to promote it seriously. Their latest act has been to create a comprehensive resource center so that those who know little to nothing about scuba can join in the fun.

Torben Lonne is the editor of DIVE.in, and with more than 8 years as a professional diver he knows his field. He has worked with PADI as MSDT Scuba Instructor in Asia for many years, and has used his contacts to develop an impressive panel of experts to create the resource center, which gives newcomers a step by step guide as to how to get into scuba diving.

The resource center has a twelve step program, which goes through how to learn scuba, the differences between scuba, skin and snorkeling, the equipment required, safety equipment and information, the history diving and the dangers encountered when diving plus how to become a professional diver. The site also encourages users to discuss and ask questions with other enthusiasts on their forums and Facebook page.

A spokesperson for DIVE.in explained, “The resource center has been designed to help people who are enthusiastic about the idea of scuba diving but don’t know how to get started. They can find everything they need to start enjoying scuba as a hobby or to embark on a career as a professional diver, because our team of writers are enthusiasts and professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our articles and editorials will help people see just how much there is discover in the underwater world, and inspire them to join us in our undersea adventures.”

About DIVE.in:
DIVE.in is a free online Scuba Diving magazine. More than 20 passionate professional divers contribute with their knowledge and expertise in an effort to make diving safer and more fun for readers. The site is packed with both guides and articles, offering both tips and advice. Their guides, reviews and articles gain much recognition and the site has nearly 80,000 fans on Facebook. For more information please visit: http://www.dive.in.

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