Distractive Media Launches Micro Tech To Fight The Tyranny of Big Tech

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Providers of innovative media solutions, Distractive Media, introduces Micro Tech, a digital platform designed to support the fight against Big Tech, Big Media, and the Swamp

The team at Distractive Media has taken their pursuit in liberating millions of people in different parts of the world through technology a notch higher with the introduction of Micro Tech. The digital platform is specifically designed to empower MAGA patriots and candidates, enabling them to disempower, bypass, or avoid the strengths of Big Tech and their allies.

There has been a constant struggle against the big wigs in the tech and media industry, with MAGA Patriots facing challenges that have been likened to those confronting the original patriots of the American Revolution. While several solutions have emerged to support the struggle, more needs to be done in this respect, which underlines the significance of the initiative from Distractive Media with the Micro Tech platform.

The goal is to fight today’s republic-threatening struggle using a blend of lessons learnt in Concorde, Lexington, and Boston Harbor and digital tools, following the smart, fast, and unpredictable aMinuteman approach. The disruptive Micro Tech platform helps users to fight against systemic censorship by enabling sound facts, data, and policy solutions to be freely “spoken” to answer “woken” lies and boondoggles based on special interests or science that is more political than empirical. The approach resonates with Helen Keller’s statement - “Tyranny cannot defeat the power of ideas.”

Developed by an experienced engineer, the Micro Tech platform is hack-proof and cannot be suppressed, or tracked by Big Tech, helping to fight back with a private network that is self-contained, powerful, instant, ad hoc, and secure.
Designed with the David beat Goliath principle, Micro Tech communicates directly with smartphones to allow anyone, irrespective of their location or status to leverage the stand-alone, portable platform. Like the Minutemen, it is fast and light and can pop up instantly to enable MAGA and other patriots to communicate completely independently and safely from Big Tech structures at any event or location they choose – from a group of 10 to Trump-size rallies.

The tool has been tested and refined for several years at more than 300 events worldwide, preparing it for all kinds of usage, allowing users to take donations immediately, collect data and share digital content freely.
For more information about Micro Tech and how to join the movement to end the cancel culture, circumvent censorship, and strike back against the tyranny of Big Tech, visit - https://distractivemedia.com/.

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Name: Eddie Bryant
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