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The website is about express services from Vietnam to the Philippines and Malaysia at VietPhil247.

VietPhil247 stands out as a bridge between Vietnam and the Philippines/Malaysia on the vast Pacific Ocean.

VietPhil247 specializes in providing international express delivery solutions in Vietnam, specifically the Philippines and Malaysia. The VietPhil247 establishment and development is the clearest evidence of professional, dedicated staff and a stable and effective operating system.

VietPhil247 provides two main express methods: by sea and by air. Sea freight is the form that many people choose because of its low cost. Customers can send various goods, even difficult to extremely difficult modes, such as phones, laptops, devices with batteries, fake brands, etc. Goods are allowed to be large and bulky. Less prone to collisions in the moving process so minimize the goods being deformed. There is no need for too strict paperwork. This express method takes the recipient a long time to receive the goods – around 7 to 10 days with Malaysia and 9 to 14 days with the Philippines.

The air freight shortens recipient waiting times, from the flight date - 2 to 3 days with Malaysia and 3 to 5 days with the Philippines. However, this freight still has some defects. Having a high cost. Some goods in the powder, liquid, alcohol, etc. forms are restricted in transportation and have higher freight rates than normal goods. The goods volume is limited. Customers must make strict declarations and present the invoices of the goods. And air freight may extend time because of weather factors.

For goods expressed to the Philippines, VietPhil247 offers customers two methods:

  • Batch form: suitable for bulk transportation businesses. The parcel has a small size of 50-55-70cm and a large size of 50-70-70cm. The express cost depends on the receiving area.
  • Odd form: suitable for customers sending goods in small quantities. The unit price is calculated in odd kilograms. The company sends the goods to the Quezon City warehouse. The receiver must pay the cost for other transportation units, such as Grab and J&T, to deliver to homes.

The batch form helps customers save time and costs. Suitable for bulky, large-sized goods. And all goods are placed in separate areas to limit the loss.

VietPhil247 provides express cost details to the Philippines and Malaysia on its website. In there:

Sea Freight

  • Odd form: Goods over 20 kilos are 85,000 VND/kilo, and less than 20 is 100,000 VND/kilo.
  • Batch form: Depending on the express size and location, the price ranges from $110 to $200 for 1 parcel.

With air freight, goods are charged at 350,000 VND/kg. The cost includes tax. The receiver only pays the costs incurred (if any) as receiving.

For more detailed information on freight rates from Vietnam to the Philippines or Malaysia at VietPhil247, please visit: https://vietphil247.vn

VietPhil247 compensates customers (registered insurance package) for a 60% declared value of goods lost, damaged or completely exchanged. With the non-registered insurance customer, the company compensates 2 times the charge, including the service charge used. The compensation time shall not exceed 30 days from the dating makes a liability written determination.

Please note that VietPhil247 does not receive express goods with short expiry dates and is on the prohibited laws list. Including stimulants, addictive substances, pornographic magazines-books- CDs, machines for gambling activity, dangerous chemicals, weapons, guns, etc.

In the establishment and development process, VietPhil247 prioritizes customer-centricity. Providing customers with superior transportation solutions, exceeding customers' expectations. The transportation team constantly strives to optimize the transportation process, and the consultants offer specific solutions tailored to customers' needs.

About the company: VietPhil247 is one of the leading companies in transporting goods from Vietnam to the Philippines and Malaysia. The company focuses on serving a customer many times by providing quality service and a conscientious attitude.

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