Dispensary Vs. Delivery: Which Will Be The People's GO-TO for 2021

Delivery has taken the country by storm from food to cannabis storefronts are closing, which form of indulgence will be the social norm.

As the legal marijuana industry continues to grow, so will the demand for marijuana supply increase, and will it be the new normal to have marijuana delivered to your doorstep? Mary Daze contacted nine industry insiders to find out where they think the industry is headed. From California to Canada, consumers across the country can now buy weed online and have it shipped in other packages, with cannabis delivery permitted in most states where the stuff is legal for adults. But will consumers continue to bother to provide their delivery services, or will it be a new norm to have weeds delivered like any other package?

Will supply continue to rise, or will pharmacies remain the front-runners, and will demand weeds increase?

Many delivery platforms, including Mary Daze, have found innovative ways to communicate information and support customers' lives, helping them get the right product in the end. What will pharmacies offer as the market evolves and which markets will tend to supply?

In the short term, pharmacies will prevail, but demand from California retailers remains strong. Only 40 percent of the population has access to a pharmacy in their home state, compared to 30 percent in New York State.

The peripheral county will offer its population a safer alternative to the black market while raising money for its community. This will not change until local governments and their neighbors recognize the benefits for their citizens and their communities' health and safety.

The novelty eventually subsides when people find their favorite product, but delivery is the future wave. Millennials and younger generations are creatures of convenience, and they will expect to be provided with cannabis. As baby boomers "purchasing power declines, we will see a large slice of that pie taken away from them, especially as they buy more and more medical marijuana. Not to mention that the cost of delivery services is significantly lower than pharmacies. Pharmacy is a sensual experience, but delivery is less.

It is convenient and exciting to have cannabis on your doorstep, but in a way, it is the same as having cannabis delivered to your home before legalization.

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