Discover Nutrition Releases D-Mannose Capsules To Promote A Healthy Urinary Tract

D-Mannose Capsules released by Discover Nutrition promote a healthy urinary tract and are an all natural product safe for adults and children.

According to statistics released by the Kidney and Urology Foundation of America, almost 10 million visits were made to physician offices for urinary tract health issues last year with approximately 1.5 million hospitalizations occurring every year. To encourage healthy urinary tracts in adults and children, Discover Nutrition is releasing their urinary tract formula D-Mannose Powder and D-Manoose capsules.

According to the Discover Nutrition spokesperson, the product has no artificial ingredients. "For years people have been drinking cranberry juice to try and keep the urinary tract healthy, but this product is 10-50 times stronger than Cranberry! One reason it is so popular is its capacity for use over the long haul. It is safe for long term use. For those who looking for a natural product to take when they feel bad, this is the product for them to try. It's all natural with no side effects, like those you get when you're constantly taking antibiotics. The ingredients are 100% D-Mannose, which is a rare saccharide that is naturally occurring in some plant and food substances and even produced in the body. It has no toxicity and is not a drug, it is a nutritional food substance. It is safe, and all natural. Since it isn't metabolized it doesn't interfere with blood sugar regulation, even for diabetics. It creates no disruption or imbalance in normal body microflora."

The website for the product explains the popularity of the product, saying, "D-Mannose gained mainstream attention after the Dr. Oz show and Suzanne Somers' book “Breakthrough” featured D-Mannose as a powerful alternative to cranberry for urinary tract health. Since then, stores have literally been selling out of this product. Part of the reason for the popularity is D-Mannose can be faster and more effective, especially in dealing with chronic problems."

Top medical practitioners of integrative medicine are now recommending d-mannose to their patients, helping reduce the number of visits to the doctor's office, says Discover Nutrition's spokesperson. Additionally, d-mannose and its effects have been written about, including articles, in Let’s Live and Alternative Medicine Magazine.

Discover Nutrition has launched the product on, selling in an 120-capsule bottle, a 60-day supply. Says the Discover Nutrition spokesperson, "When consumers have urinary tract health issues Amazon’s fast and affordable shipping is an ideal solution. The success of D-Mannose is clearly seen through the many customer testimonials on sites such as Amazon and through its popularity in the U.S. market as it’s safe to use.

About Discover Nutrition:
Discover Nutrition distributes D-mannose, a urinary tract formula used by many with no reported side effects. Sold online, it usually ships in 6-10 days and promotes a healthy urinary tract.

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