Discover and Stop Illegal Bluetooth 
Tracking and Stalking with BlueSleuth-Lite

Live on Kickstarter, BlueSleuth-Lite instantly detects hidden AirTags and any personal BLE tags and devices used for stalking and illegal tracking.

BlueSleuth-Lite, the revolutionary new personal security device designed to help users discover hidden bluetooth trackers in the vicinity, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In today’s world, bluetooth trackers are used everywhere— from helping to find keys, wallets, bags, personal transportation and more. While marketed as a device to help consumers, it was only inevitable that a bluetooth tracking device would soon be used by bad actors to illegally track and stalk their targets. BlueSleuth-Lite is a breakthrough new product to help people ensure their privacy and stop illegal tracking devices in their tracks.

“Stalking and illegal tracking of individuals, packages and vehicles has never been easier due to tiny, high-tech BLE tags including Apple’s AirTag, Tile Tracker and Samsung Smart Tags. Anyone with a smartphone can digitally stalk the movements of anyone and these violations are now spilling over into the real world. People being stalked and tracked are unaware for many hours and sometime days because tech giants have not prioritized the safety of individuals into the design of these personal trackers,” says Wireless Expert and CEO Scott Schober on the inspiration behind the project. “We’ve spent the last decade developing wireless security products for professionals but now see the time to address the growing privacy and safety concerns of the public too. We developed BlueSleuth-Lite as a way to combat privacy violating technology by countering with situational awareness technology for any individual looking to maintain their privacy.”

Bluetooth-Sleuth Lite in a consumer model developed by Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., a wireless security and cybersecurity company that created the original model to aid law enforcement task forces, ATM security teams, weights and measures inspectors and owners/managers operating fuel stations plagued by hidden bluetooth card skimmers. The Lite version is a consumer model that fits in the palm of a hand and can attach to a keyring so users can always be notified of potential illegal tracking occurring on them and their property. All major bluetooth trackers (AirTag, Tile, Galaxy Smart Tags, PebbleBee, Chipolo, etc.) are immediately detected and displayed by name and icon making hidden ones easy to locate and identify.

The Bluetooth-Sleuth Lite requires no app and displays all pertinent information on the included display screen. There is currently no other app, product and company that can immediately detect all major personal BLE trackers like the BlueSleuth-Lite.

“Tech giants value their customers' convenience more than their privacy and everyone else’s as well. We developed BlueSleuth-Lite to offer anyone a way to immediately identify nearby BLE tags that could be used for illegal stalking and tracking of anyone. When digital privacy and physical safety collide, people lose their rights, get hurt or worse. Take back your rights from stalkers and thieves,” adds Schober.

BlueSleuth-Lite is currently live and available for support on Kickstarter:

About Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS) is a 50 year old family business specializing in wireless security, safety, test and cybersecurity solutions. For the past 25 years, BVS has been supplying law enforcement, government agencies, military bases and corporate entities with professional, world-class wireless security products. More recently, BVS has begun addressing the privacy and security needs of regular consumers through more affordable solutions all designed and manufactured from their headquarters in Metuchen, NJ.

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