Reports More than 50 Million Children Attend School in the USA

Connecting with the families of these children needs to be effortless and Directory Spot ensures it is, the company announces

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the United States currently provides education for approximately 50.4 million students. Of these students, 35.4 million attend prekindergarten through eighth grade, 15 million attend high school and an additional 5.2 million are enrolled in a private school. 98,300 public schools provide this education, along with approximately 33,600 private schools. To ensure all staff members can remain in communication with their students, parents, PTO and more, the majority turn to an online school directory, as opposed to the binders used in the past to retain this information.

"Finding the right online school directory software remains crucial in this situation, as it needs to make the job easier for all staff members and those who need to communicate with individuals in the school system. First and foremost, the privacy of those included in the directory must be maintained at all times, thus a program that is encrypted and password-protected is required. Once a program has been established to be compliant in this area, other features may then be examined," Eric, spokesperson for Directory Spot, states.

Additional features a group, school or organization may wish to have in a program of this type include the ability to customize the directory and search it for the desired information. Determine the ease of use and how many steps are required to connect with members and find out which devices the directory may be accessed on. People are busy, thus they want to be able to gather information any time and anywhere, and the right program ensures they can.

"Directory Spot currently operates in three countries and 36 states within the United States. More than 115,000 individuals now actively use the program, and more than 50,000 emails have been sent. Now is the time to see why so many turn to us for their online directory needs, and be sure to take advantage of the free trial to check out the features personally," Eric continues.

Individuals may be part of numerous groups. Parents often have children in school, belong to a religious organization, work and need to communicate with others in their organization and take part in hobbies and other personal activities. The directory needs to allow a person to identify which database they are searching at any given time, thus customization is another element to consider when selecting a directory of this type.

"This software benefits large groups of all types. Churches often rely on this type of program to connect with their members, and other organizations find they benefit from its use. Visit our site today to learn more about how it can help to reduce your workload and ensure that everyone in the group is informed on the latest news and information. In today's hectic world, the ability to access this information quickly and easily should never be discounted, and that is exactly what our program allows individuals to do," Eric declares.

About Directory Spot:

The leading provider of online and mobile directories for schools, churches and organizations, Directory Spot has specifically designed programs to fit into a school's model and now offers a group directory to assist organizations of other types. The program can be customized with the logo and color of the organization's choice and is accessible on mobile devices anywhere the user is.

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