Director David Rousseau Restarts Production On A Landmark Travel Docuseries

Travelpolitans A New TV Docuseries Is Ready For Acquisition To Dispel The Great American Passport Myth

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Although NATPE Miami 2022 was cancelled Director David Rousseau of Rousseau Studios and Showrunner of Vargo International Aspen Powers continues to move forward with its landmark docuseries Travelpolitans in addition to accessing just over 55% percent in film tax credits and other incentives. The series is being shot with a straight to series production with all 14 episodes of the first season debuting all at once. David Rousseau is directing with Rousseau Studios and TrueNorth is handling physical co-production of the series, with Vargo overseeing domestic, international distribution and streaming rights. Vargo International is currently accepting offers for the first season will debut on a television network later this year. In 2019, production was halted due to the account of COVID-19, however, today the production is now COVID Compliant and is moving forward with production and are pitching a few televisions networks at the RealScreen Summit LITE 2022. People are really yearning for a return to travel exploration and more importantly bounding with others. We are so thrilled to get this show into production this year” says series director David Rousseau.

The official description of this television series is a critical adventure made-up of seven strangers as they travel from America to Iceland to dispel The Great American Passport Myth. What’s The Great American Passport Myth? According to the U.S. Department of State approximately 64% of Americans do not have passports; and Aspen Powers has created a business that encourages people to travel internationally as he firmly beliefs that traveling internationally changes you. Some of his referred clients have a second chance at life or have received a grim prognosis and want to travel as their last rite of passage. He wholeheartedly believes in being a traveler and not a tourist and that travel changes you. He curates immersive tailored experiences that are built around exploratory themes of food, culture, and people. He fearlessly embarks on unexpected challenges along the way that take him and his clients out of their comfort zones.

So, what’s with this word Travelpolitan? Simply take the word Cosmopolitan and replace the Cosmo with Travel and you get Travelpolitan; and the definition of Travelpolitan is a person that travels frequently and feels comfortable and at ease in many different places and cultures. “This is not your average travel show and serves as an authentic way that offers the viewing audience life-changing knowledge that connects them to empowering bespoke activities that are designed to inspire people to travel. The diverse breakout cast participates in excursions that are not usually found in brochures where they receive insider access, see historically epic places, try new foods, learn the history and culture of the country, unexpectedly meet influential people, and to live like a local resident” says Aspen Powers who serves as the Host, Executive Producer and Creator. This series is hosted by Aspen Powers and will shed light on through a host narrative as the audience takes a journey through the lives of the cast as they embark on an incredible journey to become travelers while simultaneously trying to avoid being a tourist. From the beginning the docuseries each cast member’s story unfold with timeless and realistic issues that many viewers can relate to. All the production companies are remaining tight-lipped about their celebrity, political, artistic cameo appearances that are sprinkled through Season One.

Traveling is something that many people would like to do, however, very few do travel. Travelpolitans is a world that most people are unfamiliar with, and this television series gives viewers unprecedented access to life as a Travelpolitan, which makes it feel dynamic, easy, and fast-paced and pushes relational and cultural conversations that allow the cast to explore the thematic cultural empathy shared by the cast. Stories unfold from each member of the cast residence to a personally uncharted foreign land and the audience will constantly discover something new with incredibly important stories that is told by an extraordinary producing team.

About Rousseau Studios

Rousseau Studios is a Miami-based, full-service production company that specializes in music videos for some of the industry’s biggest names like Pitbull, Marc Anthony, and Christina Aguilera, as well as corporate commercials, promotional video content for TV networks, and most recently, an original television series for cable network programming.

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Vargo Media, Inc. is an integrated new media entertainment and technology company, principally engaged in developing, financing, marketing, producing, and licensing the sale of lifestyle-orientated content providing primarily travel, home, food, music and other lifestyle-related programming for global audiences.

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Founded in 2003 and TrueNorth has line produced feature films for studios such as Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, DreamWorks, Columbia (Sony) and Marvel Studios. The company has offered production service in Iceland for The Northman, Tenet, No Time To Die/James Bond, Batman Begins, Flags of Our Fathers, Die Another Day/James Bond, Tomb Raider, Prometheus, Oblivion, Noah, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Sens8 and Thor: The Dark World.

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