Digitl Inc. Announces New Advertising Service for Measurable Benefits in the Accelerating Space of the Metaverse

Successful e-commerce ad agency increases its clients’ revenue through unique, targeted ads on Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and, now, the Metaverse

Digitl Inc., Canada’s leading e-commerce advertising agency, today announced it is offering expert service to companies that are expanding advertising from traditional resources to where consumers’ attention has shifted – digital platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Spotify and the accelerating space of the Metaverse.

Digitl supports e-commerce and SaaS companies. It is able to assertively scale using paid, bespoke digital ads — not cookie cutter videos that all look alike. The actionable data will propel companies that want to excel in the digital space.

Digitl is always on the cutting edge and uses every industry tool to be competitive. Because the digital landscape has changed and customer behavior seems to be evolving daily, the digital advertising agency stays ahead of the curve and brings the latest trends and platforms to support its customers’ success. Highly profitable digital platforms are where the target audience is ripe for picking. Digitl’s newest advertising services include Instagram Reels, Spotify, TikTok and the Metaverse.

Digitl is an independent, boutique-style advertising agency with expertise in e-commerce and the SaaS industry that increases its clients’ return on ad spend (ROAS). The collaborative team brings proven experience in advertising, media buying and brand growth. The firm partners with innovative brands to help them realize and elevate their full marketing potential utilizing high engagement and measurable, performance-driven advertising campaigns.

“Digitl believes that advertising success should be focused on continually increasing revenue and establishing repeat business by helping our clients build relationships,” said Founder and CEO Brock Jones. “We are dedicated to effectively running paid ads to increase your growth and will mindfully price our services based on how well Digitl performs. We will help you by committing to no less than 3X ROI. We measure success on a successful relationship while building and expanding your sales revenue.”

The agency is known for successfully scaling ad accounts for dozens of reputable brands. The team knows what it takes to go from zero to hero in a short time frame. With the right foundations in place, clients can see their lifetime value and average order value increase by up to 200%.

Jones continued, “We apply the same principles from traditional advertising, properly structuring and scaling an account. Digital advertising success comes from identifying our clients’ unique voices in copywriting and creative imagery. Digitl stays on-brand and true to your company's culture. From the moment you sign on, we’ll have your campaigns ready to launch within seven days. Together, let's think big, start small and scale quickly.”

Digitl has developed a short questionnaire to establish audience goals and evaluate types of customers, industry competition and sales goals. Clients are in constant real-time communication through Dropbox and Google Drive to share in all media assets. The agency equips its clients with a full range of tools, including access to a personal ads dashboard. Measurable returns are simple to track for reporting because data on the dashboard is directly accessible through the Digitl website. It is possible to evaluate granular data or have a quick look at total spend and generated revenue. The Digitl dashboard is completely customizable to exact specifications and is accessible 24/7.

The agency sees its clients realize $3 in profits for every $1 invested. That is a modest assessment as ROI per month is more like three or seven times initial spend, which makes clients money on autopilot every day.

For more information and to book a discovery call, visit digitl.ca.


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