Digital Results LLC Launches New Online Marketing Agency For New Zealand Businesses

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Digital Results LLC has launched a new results-focused online marketing agency that aims to eschew so-called ‘vanity’ metrics in favor of bottom-line results for their work on behalf of businesses.

The online world is rich and diverse, and has potentially unlimited digital real estate, making it possible for anyone to start their own business and promote it online. However, this potential is a double edged sword, as competition is fierce. While Facebook likes, and other social signals give the perception of popularity, they do not have concrete results on sales themselves, so a business can appear successful without actually being so. Digital Results LLC understand this, and has created a new digital marketing agency that aims to help people get results that improve profitability.

Their unique approach allows the companies they work with to measure their success against real, tangible and pre-existing business metrics like sales figures and leads generated, rather than looking to ephemeral KPIs like Facebook Likes to prove the job has been done well. They specialize in actionable marketing that makes more people buy products and services.

To celebrate the launch of the website, Digital Results LLC is offering a ‘free strategies’ section of the website which gives business owners some basic tips on how to optimize their current digital marketing strategy for increased results. By trying these strategies for free, individuals can sample the kind of transformative effect their work can have on business success online.

A spokesperson for Digital Results LLC explained, “Digital Results LLC is thrilled to offer a hard-lined alternative to the many SEO and online marketing agencies out there right now. Having run businesses successfully ourselves, we understand what really matters to business users, and that’s the bottom line. We make that increased business success our priority, ensuring businesses get more sales than they did before, instead of helping them win a popularity contest that has no tangible benefit to their success. We use a multi-pronged approach that looks to increase visibility and conversions. We look forward to working with new clients who want to improve their online strategy.”

About Digital Results LLC: Digital Results LLC is a new online marketing agency staffed by a team of experts with years of experience. Far from focusing on purely technical results, or technical KPIs, they measure their success against real, tangible business results. They aim to drive more sales into their clients’ businesses, generate more new leads, and enhance the performance of the sales pipeline.

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Name: Sam Rines
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Organization: Digital Results LLC
Phone: 09 390 89 09

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Name: Sam Rines
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Organization: Digital Results LLC