Digital Develop, Inc. releases a Software as a service “Checkoutify” to recover Abandoned carts which is a common problem in eCommerce industry.

Digital Develop, Inc. releases a Software as a service Checkoutify to recover lost sales caused by abandoned checkouts

Digital Develop, a creative digital agency who are serving in eCommerce market since last 3 years, today announced that it has released their first Software as a service “Checkoutify” to help eCommerce merchants recover their lost revenue cause by abandoned carts, led by Ash Ome the founder ceo of Digital Develop. The company also announced that Ash Ome is going to join the team lead of Checkoutify.

Ash Ome is an experienced eCommerce consultant with 5-years track record of success in eCommerce and various web startups. He played an integral role in the company’s initial growth. Team Digital Develop build Checkoutify a micros serviced application to help merchants the ultimate flexibility to recover their lost sales caused by abandoned carts while they can re-engage with their customer to pivot future sales. 

“The overall rate of Abandoend Checkouts is 67.7% and if any eCommerce brand can recover a fraction of that they will still in good position,” said Ash Ome.

Checkoutify has cracked the code on true with their automated solution to recover those lost profits. It will enable the hidden power of re-marketing in eCommerce space. 

With Checkoutify’s robust features and in-depth analytics an Ecommerce store owner would able to know where he or she is doing great and where he or she is failing. It has two main channels to recover sales, the first one is email and the second one is web push notifications, once any shopper will Abandoend carts it will trigger the marketing campaign to target the shopper and send him an email and push notifications device wise in a sequence (set by the store owner) to remind him about the cart he abandoned. Right now it’s only available for Shopify, The CEO Digital Develop reported they are working on that to release that on other CMS gradually.

Digital Develop is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA 

Company Name: Digital Develop, Inc
Contact Name: Ash Ome
City Beverly Hills
State CA
Country: United States
Phone: 4158003742
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