Dien Lanh Dai Phuc Plans To Expand Its Operation in Entire Vietnam

Expansion plans are being prepared so that Dien Lanh Dai Phuc can offer services in all locations in Vietnam.

Dien Lanh Dai Phuc is planning to expand its operation to the point where the experts can offer their services to people in every corner of Vietnam. This organization presently offers its services in Ho Chi Minh City along with some of the neighboring cities and provinces. This refrigeration repairing and consulting firm understand the needs of the people and are looking for expansion so that they can help more people with such issues.

In this refrigeration repairing business, the repaired products includes of this warranty center: AC, fridge, hairdryer, washing machine, and more. Every refrigeration product repaired by this firm will consist of a warranty that is given to the customers for their peace of mind. Almost every resident of Vietnam owns such products and needs repairing, which is why this company wants to expand its business.

The head of the organization mentioned, “AC, washing machine, fridge, etc. all needs a repairing after a specific period of time. Moreover, the repairing market is massive in refrigeration sector, which is why we want to capitalize on this by increasing our operation and acquire as many customers as possible.”

The planning of expansion has been going on for more than one and a half year but the firm was waiting for a suitable time to do so. Recently, the firm received a boost in the sales and also has acquired investors who are ready to back up their business for nationwide expansion. However, before taking any such step, the company wants to be sure about their decision and also wants to check that no harm comes to the firm or its employees.

Gradually with the expansion, the firm has also declared that it is looking for more suitable professionals with experience to hire so that their service remains better than all of its competitors. The expansion plans are yet to be finalized by the entire board but it is definitely a possibility that with a year every resident of Vietnam will have the opportunity to hire this company for their refrigeration units’ repair.

The head technician of this firm remarked, “Yes the board is thinking about expanding the operation and reach out to all potential customers. However, the practical steps for it will be starting sometime after this financial year ends. How well the company does through it or how we plan to proceed in this path is something all have to wait to see.”

According to various members of this firm, this expansion news will be officially released. However, as of now everything is being kept under wraps. One thing is sure that this firm is going to do very well in the future even better than what it is doing now.
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Dien Lanh Dai Phuc is the leader is refrigeration repairing business in Vietnam. They provide repairing and consultation services that would keep their customers satisfied and happy and aid their business to grow.

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Organization: Dien Lanh Dai Phuc
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Address: A21 Phan Huy Ich, Ward 15, Tanh Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam

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Organization: Dien Lanh Dai Phuc
Address: A21 Phan Huy Ich, Ward 15, Tanh Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam
Phone: 0977 470 047
Website: https://dienlanhdaiphuc.com/

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