Die Automobil Gutachter Are Starting With Mobile Offices

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"New ideas revolutionize the market – be different!"

This is the slogan that goads the business leader Sebastian Dietz and Bernhard Pannenbecker:
On the 1st of November "Die Automobile-Gutachter GmbH" is starting and they set the goal to examine vehicles of every kind (PKW, LKW, veteran cars, vintage cars, boats, motorcycles) in case of liability damages.

Which benefit the auto- or motorcyclist derives by the establishment of contact to the automobile-consultants? In case of liability, the insurance of the other party pays the repair of the damage. The opposing insurance also bear the expenses of the consultant – most of the drivers don´t know. The automobile-consultant determines exactly the height of the damage – and he cares for the fact that also the repair can be realized properly and professional.

The automobile-consultants provide for the fact that the insurances carry out no deductions in the calculation. Nearly the complete administrative expenditure, the correspondence with the insurance, is taken over from the automobile-consultants.
The automobile-consultants are at close quarters - they work in mobile offices, so that the workshop have short waiting periods and the repair can start immediately – thus the driver gets back his vehicle as fast as possible.


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