Diamond Envy Gives Customers Amazon Best Seller, The Definitive Guide to Colored Diamonds

Unlike Kanye buying a ring for Kim Kardashian, most people need help purchasing a diamond. That’s why DiamondEnvy.com wrote the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Definitive Guide to Colored Diamonds.

As Christmas approaches, one of the most emotional decisions anyone can make is buying diamond jewelry.

“Now that colored diamonds have become so popular with celebrities, we are happy to simplify the diamond selection process,” says DiamondEnvy.com's creative director Dina Silverberg.”

“Choosing the right diamond is challenging, but it’s even more difficult when considering colored diamonds. That’s why we wrote The Definitive Guide to Colored Diamonds: From Pink Diamonds to Yellow Diamonds and All the Colors in Between,” explains Silverberg.

Christmas is a popular time to pop the question with a diamond ring for many men.

Rapper Kanye West proposed to reality star Kim Kardashian on her birthday. According to Kim, Kanye is planning the wedding. Recently married Kelly Clarkson received an enormous yellow canary diamond engagement ring.

“Understanding the ‘4 Cs’ of diamonds is only the beginning,” says Silverberg. Whether you know everything about diamonds or just the basics, The Definitive Guide to Colored Diamonds is a must-have for anyone contemplating either a colorless or colored diamond purchase.”

The guide is a quick-read that turns anyone into an expert, or an expert into an authority. It explains how diamonds are formed, what makes them valuable, and how to purchase them with power and intelligence.

DiamondEnvy.com is a creative new concept in diamond e-commerce. They are the most reliable source of the best, certified colored diamonds at wholesale prices. Silverberg says that they want their customers to think of them as a jewelry concierge – available to assist in any capacity, whether as a design liaison, gemology educator, or a hand to hold through their first jewelry purchase.

“We love helping our customers learn how to choose the right diamond,” says Silverberg who has a graduate gemology degree. “We also enjoy having fun, so we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Their playful, yet professional spirit was the inspiration behind their YouTube video parody of Amazon’s planned drone delivery service. In the video, DiamondEnvy.com promises to beat Amazon’s Prime Air service to market with 15-minute delivery of diamonds to the doorsteps of New York City residents starting in 2015.

Visit Amazon.com to download the Kindle edition of The Definitive Guide to Colored Diamonds: From Pink Diamonds to Yellow Diamonds and All the Colors in Between. The book can be read on a Kindle or the free Kindle app for desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

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