DiabetesWell Launches Campaiign to Inform Home Blood Pressure Monitors Save Lives

It has been determined that daily blood pressure monitoring makes patients more aware of potential health risks resulting in positive corrective actions reports DiabetesWell.com

High blood pressure left unchecked can cause premature death by stroke or heart attack. Recent statistics indicate over 50% of the 27 million diabetics in the United States have hypertension and will die from cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure, like diabetes, can in most instances be treated with diet, exercise, medications and careful monitoring. Experts report, however, that having a blood pressure cuff at home, can, and does save lives.

Most diabetics test their blood glucose levels daily, with an A1C test done every 3 months by their physician. It is strongly recommend that high blood pressure be monitored in the same manner. With daily self monitoring and regular visits to a physician, both conditions are more successfully managed, resulting in fewer life threatening events.

A nurse or physician measures the blood pressure inside the vessels every time a patients heart beats. Recorded with two numbers, one over the other (i.e. 120/80) the top number or systolic measures the amount of pressure when the heart pumps the blood to the body. The bottom number or diastolic measures the amount of pressure between beats. As people age or develop cardiovascular disease the blood vessel walls begin to harden, resulting in a higher blood pressure.

According to Larry Robinson of DiabetesWell, "Both diabetes and high blood pressure are dangerous. Combined, the two are like a ticking time bomb, that left untreated, could result in a stroke or heart attack. Diabetes can reduce blood flow into various parts of the body. In the eyes it can cause macular degeneration or blindness. In the extremities lack of blood flow cost someone their toes or feet. High blood pressure compounds these symptoms and causes them to progress more rapidly."

"Both blood pressure and blood glucose levels can easily be monitored at home", according to Robinson. "By monitoring your blood pressure every day, or several times throughout the day, a person can develop a clear picture of what raises or lowers their numbers. Having your blood pressure taken once a month or once every three months is like taking a picture of a smoking volcano. You can tell that it is getting ready to do something, but fail to understand how dangerously close it is to blowing." By using a home blood pressure monitor regularly and recording their results, a diabetic and their physician can quickly recognize dangerous patterns.

Blood pressure that is monitored on a regular basis, is easier to control. Patients who use a blood pressure monitor at home, are more likely to take corrective action that result in fewer health risks and lower their rate of death by stroke or heart attack. Larry Robinson states: "When people are empowered with the proper tools and information, they are more likely to take charge of their personal well being." Information can be found about blood pressure monitor review at diabeteswell.com.

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