Diabetes Startup Turns Cold & Clinical to Bright & Brilliant, Boosting Patient Confidence

Type One Style is a new diabetes startup that aims to create inspiring products for type one diabetics.

Type One Style is a new diabetes startup that aims to create inspirational and stylish products that enable type one diabetics to express themselves and wear their Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) with confidence. Currently, the company has a wide selection of tapes, patches, and stickers to wear over diabetes devices. These products help to keep devices on and prevent accidental loss or damage which could save patients a considerable amount of money each year.

The company offers over 120 different designs to add vibrancy and expression to otherwise plain-looking devices. There are a number of styles such as basic pastel colours, but also more intricate and decorative designs that include flowers, animals, and cartoons. There are also themed products for seasons such as Christmas and Halloween. Products are conveniently sorted into categories to make it easy for customers to find the type of designs that they’re looking for.

Type One Diabetes is known as a hidden disability, but recently, patients have had to wear CGMs and insulin delivery pumps on their skin. This gives them no choice but to reveal their condition unless they choose to hide them with existing equipment. Type One Style products are designed to help patients feel less conscious about their condition, giving them options to be more expressive by personalising their devices and broadcasting their personality. This helps patients feel a sense of pride and allows them to decide on their own how they want to display their condition.

Part of Type One Style’s mission is to foster a powerful and resolute community of empowered diabetics that can share stories with each other. By helping diabetics band together with a common goal like self-expression, the company hopes to encourage those with the condition to be stronger and healthier together.

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Address: 71 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3DZ
Phone: 07593703704
Website: https://www.typeonestyle.com

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