Development Of New Treatment Brings Hope To Cancer Patients

The new study has found that using a strand of the herpes virus can help patience achieve full remission

While NASA may have found “Earth 2.0” named Kepler 452b, and “New Horizons” just accomplished its Pluto-fly-by, scientists on Earth have officially proven a new way to help humans fight the deadly cancer caused from the sun.

A new study conducted has discovered that the herpes virus may be the future of curing skin cancer, Robert Coffin, a co-author in the herpes vs. cancer study (Published in Journal of Clinical Oncology) said "A number of people in that study got a complete response; all their disease went away."

Melanoma is one of the most underestimated causes of death in the world. Harmful UV rays from the sun, though not the only cause of the skin cancer, play a large part in the development of melanoma. Studies have proven that those that stay covered from the sun have a drastically lower chance of acquiring the deadly skin cancer, and using medically advanced products that contain high levels of SPF ,are the 2 top ways of reducing the odds of melanoma.

The new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has proven that those injected with the genetically modified herpes virus, showed a greater remission rate, as opposed to those that weren’t. The results of the study show that the herpes virus T-VEC, when injected into the blood stream, helps rev up the immune system, causing the body to attack and kill the cancerous cells. In the study, 86% of the patients with melanoma that were injected with T-VEC showed signs of improvement, planting the seed for future biochemical engineering of the virus.

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