Detox Facility Continues to Fight Against Addiction Amidst the Coronavirus

Addiction know’s no special days, sickness, or race, which is why Clean and Sober Detox will continue to heal the lives of their patients.

As the whole state of California adapts to a life of lockdown, many addicts and people who struggle with substance abuse are finding it hard to maintain sobriety. Many people have been sent home and forced to be surrounded by the very things that entice them to use. As the news continues to pour out news, whether that be real or fake, mental health issues have also skyrocketed.

The CDC has announced a strict rule of no gatherings larger than ten, making it very difficult to maintain support groups and other treatment centers which house multiple people at once. Located in Fair Oaks, California, a detox center has remained open. Serving only six clients at a time to ensure dedicated attention and privacy, their facility offers room to relax with a back porch, common area, and shared bedrooms, each with a television. Due to their six-bed limit, they can continue to keep their doors open to people who need a safe place to detox.

In the ongoing battle of addiction, they know that every minute and day is crucial in the journey to recovery. Clean and Sober Detox has taken significant steps to continue serving individuals, families, and communities affected by substance abuse while simultaneously responding to the threat of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Like many businesses in the country, they are committed to helping public health leaders contain this pandemic while not slowing down their daily efforts to meet the urgent needs of those harmed by the addiction crisis.

Their experienced medical doctors and wellness staff treat each client individually, suffering from a wide range of substances, like alcohol, stimulants, opioids, and prescription drugs. Clean and Sober and Detox understands that some clients may struggle with more than one substance, so they strive to accommodate everyone during their most fragile moments. The right treatment center program will depend on a few factors, including the patient’s specific treatment needs, insurance, ability to travel, and start date.

Clean and Sober Detox works with several insurance carriers who can help cover the cost of treatment. Also, they recently announced that Sprout Health Group California is now in-network. Since insurance may not always offer full coverage, they also offer flexible payment options to make detox treatment affordable regardless of the carrier.

The CDC has put strict measures on watching links between COVID-19 cases and severity/mortality, substance use, smoking or vaping history, and smoking- or vaping-related lung disease. However, deaths and severe illness from COVID-19 seem more apparent among those who are older and who have existing health issues, such as diabetes, cancer, and respiratory conditions.

To Conclude the CDC’s announcement, “We strive to confront the major health challenges of opioid and other drug overdoses—and now the rising infections with COVID-19—NIDA encourages researchers to request supplements that will allow them to obtain data on the risks for COVID-19 in individuals experiencing substance use disorders.”

Addiction know’s no special days, sickness, or race, which is why Clean and Sober Detox will continue to heal the lives of their patients.

There are many different options for treatment, including medical detox, outpatient and inpatient rehab, for more information visit

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