DeTEAxified Launches To Shine An Insighthtful Light On The World Detox Teas

DeTEAxified is a website that helps people getting in to detox teas find information on detoxifying teas, teas for health and wellbeing and weight loss teas, in order to make informed choices right from the bat.

Tea has been a popular drink since the first civilizations, and infusing water with properties from leaves is a great way to make nutrients accessible that we couldn’t digest by eating the leaves raw. Medicinal teas have been used in traditional medicine for years, and confer numerous benefits on the drinkers. With the internet now making these teas more popular than ever for weight-loss, colon cleansing and general wellness detoxes, DeTEAxified has been launched to provide an online resource center on the matter, while separating the authentic products from the many rushed out cash-ins on the market.

The website features a responsive, mobile friendly design and puts its content first, with categories like Digestive Health and Metabolism as well as a dedicated section for their latest product reviews, allowing people to find what they are looking for in no time. The reviews are only just beginning to be posted, and will be updated regularly from here on out, starting with their review of the popular brand Fit Tea.

The reviews posted to the site are comprehensive, written in plain English so as to be easily comprehensible for all readers, and feature an analysis of the unique properties, suggested benefits and results experienced, allowing people to get a well-rounded impression of each tea’s true capabilities.

A spokesperson for DeTEAxified explained, “We are pleased to be able to provide a valuable service to our readers with a comprehensive review of the latest teas on the market. The website we have created is just the beginning, and we plan to expand both in terms of the content we provide and the features we use. Our reviews are comprehensive and each tea is tested thoroughly to ensure our feedback is representative and insightful. What’s more, we provide actionable consumer advice, identifying and dismissing scam products and recommending the best of what we find.”

About DeTEAxified: DeTEAxified is a site dedicated to extolling the benefits of detox tea for those seeking greater health and well being. The site will regularly publish new reviews and information, helping people find the best product from the start while avoiding scams. The site will also provide recommendations on teas for people who want to detox, lose weight or get the health benefits detox tea provides.

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