Descriptive Pregnancy Details Week By Week offers a detailed description of what women can expect through the entire period of the pregnancy, beginning with Week 1. Emphasis on the physical symptoms, actions and other suggestions are available on the website., an informative blog and website is helpful to parents-to-be in understanding all of the symptoms, feelings and practical aspects of becoming and being pregnant, The pregnancy blog is mostly directed at women, but dads can also benefit from the details and tips which are provided. While a woman is pregnant, the changes which are occurring in her body, and in the developing baby, are extensive. The articles available for reading and study help to point out those changes.

The most comprehensive pregnancy tips website currently available is packaged in easy-to-understand language and deals both with physical changes and with emotional changes which are occurring. In addition, the information in the site helps to prepare for the arrival of the baby, describing the actions and experiences which will occur during labour and delivery. There are also useful tips to prepare the home to encompass a new tiny member of the family.

Information can be as far-ranging as buying maternity clothing to the actual process of fertilisation. For the woman who wants to be knowledgeable about the entire experience, the website can serve as a reference guide and quick answer book when there are day-to-day questions which arise. It is not, however, intended to replace proper medical care for the mother-to-be.

The tips include the steps to be taken in preparation for the exciting nine months ahead. The timing for an ultrasound, what type of exercises are suitable and beneficial and what to look for in maternity clothes. The emphasis in the articles and suggestions is on a safe pregnancy, but also on enjoying the entire experience as it occurs.

There are many fallacies about being pregnant, but this website helps to dispel many of the assumptions which surround gestation. The information provided is accurate and written in a way that celebrates the feelings and positive physical changes which are occurring.

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