Derma Wand Reviews Announces Release of New, In-Depth Guide to the Derma Wand System

Company's new, free guide will help prospective buyers understand whether the system is right for them and what issues it can most successfully address, Derma Wand Reviews reports.

Derma Wand Reviews, an online, informational site focusing on the Derma Wand skincare system, announced the release of a new guide. The guide aims at introducing those with no prior knowledge to the potential benefits and downsides of the Derma Wand treatment and is one of the most thorough of its kind anywhere. In addition to guides of this sort, Derma Wand Reviews also hosts a large number of unbiased, uncensored reviews from people who have tried the Derma Wand system for themselves.

"Since putting our site online, we've gotten a great response from those who have benefited from the many straightforward reviews of the Derma Wand system we offer," company representative Carolyn Becker said, "and our newly published guide is going to help round out the picture by providing a more systematic look at the product." Utilizing high-frequency radio waves in much the same way that analogous professional systems do, the Derma Wand is a consumer-oriented device which many believe can help reverse the signs of aging on skin. In particular, many proponents of the system note that it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restores elasticity to skin that had begun to sag with age. Although the radio waves emitted by the Derma Wand are less powerful than those produced by professional equivalents, the fact that home users of the system can benefit from more frequent treatments, many believe, leads to satisfying results.

Derma Wand Reviews was founded to provide an unbiased, central aggregating point for users reviews of the Derma Wand system. In the course of accumulating one of the Internet's largest collections of such reviews, the site's operators began to see a need for supplementary materials that could provide a more systematized treatment of the subject. The new guide is the product of their efforts to address this need and, as one of the only such resources available anywhere, will serve as an especially helpful supplement to the many valuable user perspectives that have made the site so popular up to this point.

"With such a great collection of reviews already in place," Becker concluded, "we're thrilled to be able to fill out our offerings in this way. Our new guide is going to be a great help, we're sure, to our many visitors over the coming years." In addition to the company's new guide and its deep collection of user reviews, Derma Wand Reviews also provides insight into the best opportunities for buying the Derma Wand kit. The company has noted that each of the many outlets the product is available through, including that of the manufacturer itself, have their own advantages, and keeps the site updated with the current best offerings. The newly published guide to the Derma Wand, like the rest of the company's resources, can be obtained and read, free of charge, at

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