Depart Bank System ( DGS )

Depart Bank System ( DGS )

Global encrypted digital assets investment in 2019 in comparison to 18 Growth of 95% , after adding a collection of secret market value of assets from 2019 at the beginning of 1000 soared to $ Zhi billion in 3500 over a billion dollars, the entire digital currency as many as the number of species on the ... ...
Global encrypted digital assets investment in 2019 in comparison to 18 -year growth of 95% , after adding a collection of secret market value of assets from 2019 at the beginning of 1000 soared to $ Zhi billion in 3500 over a billion dollars, the entire digital currency number range up to tens of thousands.
Digital currency industry show explosive growth, which TOKEN as a block chain ecosystem of whom one Ge of the most important cornerstones of nodes, the project parties, platforms, users, investors convergence of several large role, but also the entire ecological chain among the weakest Link. A good Token economic model can play a very critical role for blockchain projects, as well as effective and profitable landing applications as an important framework for the entire blockchain ecosystem. The entire blockchain community operates in a decentralized way, using Token as a link body, which is a distributed autonomous system on the surface, but the project party and the platform party act as the original holder of the Token and project operation management who manipulated the entire block chain project or platform, users and investors for the project to pay the initial contribution can not get hold Token with a return on equity as well as to the profitability of the project. Token economic model is not clear, there is no good application, the application is not profitability, profit after profit hold out no feedback to the user, there is no strict accordance with the established route, which is leading area the main chain industry can not block the sun development. Traditional data storage technology infrastructure, basically " centralized " mode, the purpose is to generate it to access, easy to construct relational access relations. But this " centralization "
The data storage idea of ​​this has caused the defense side to be extremely unequal to the attacker ’s resource disadvantage. " Easy to attack and hard to defend " , that is, cloud data network security best describe the entire industry. DGS is based on this consideration. The application of its new storage method has largely impacted the industry's original technology. The attacker can not by attacking the " center city " to get the offensive and defensive side wins Lee, but to spend the same resources forces attack each " distributed storage area " , which greatly increases the attack cost the attacker, reducing the defense side Stress improves the safety factor of the data. In the cloud computing environment, the DGS data access is achieved by a virtual machine, the virtual host level security directly affects the security of data storage, the host virtual host material resources shared host, many bad access to the shared resource by the intended side channel attacks were carried out, resulting in unauthorized access and data leakage exposed. In addition, the isolation of shared resources is achieved through technical means , and attacks are identified through resource monitoring, behavior monitoring and other means , and attacks are blocked to ensure the security of tenant data. DEPART BANK SYSTEM mainstream investors to participate in project financing is the cornerstone of the project financing DEPART BANK SYSTEM appear will address these issues through the spot quantify, quantify contracts and other transactions to be profitable and quantify open platform for pay-profit, DGS how to re The definition of " quantification " allows investors to use quantitative procedures to operate in a simple, convenient and effective way. New business model DGS uses blockchain technology to realize the decentralized sharing of personal value, making true shared entities become network nodes. Depart Bank System Separate financial system , will be the first " let-style " smart quantitative trading system encryption assets while Depart Bank System will also be of benefit through a unique style business model, combining a variety of ways through reduced application scenarios, Repeat repurchase and destruction, reduce market circulation, and create a healthy, good, and recyclable ecological application industry. Pain points 1. Mass production and use of data has spawned the Internet into the era of EB -level big data. In the collection and clustering of data At the same time of mining, development and utilization, the " multiplier effect " of data has taken shape. 2. For hackers, once Hack has access to the network, they can drive straight in like normal users and take away a lot of data. 3. The existing data security methods are usually to build a security gateway before the server. This security architecture method is out of date . 4. The " wall defense " method of external gateways such as NGFW , WAF and IPS , as the border disappears , There is increasingly no “ useful place ” , let alone how to ensure data security . DGS 's concept data storage method is a “ centralized ” storage method, the purpose is to facilitate access and facilitate the construction of relational Access relationship. Only by changing the way of data storage, using decentralization + secure storage, can real data security be realized. Data storage security standards : high data availability; data stability; persistent data availability and data access security DGS industry driving force 1. DGS creates a distributed network for the formation and execution of storage between peers agreement . 2. DGS protocol enables peer on the network side can negotiate contracts, data transmission, remote data integrity verification and availability, retrieve data and pay for other nodes . 3. each peer is an autonomous agency, can Perform these operations without important human interaction. DGS's new storage technology The traditional data storage technology architecture basically adopts a " centralized " approach. The purpose is to generate a " centralized " data storage idea that is easy to access and easy to build relational access relationships , which creates defenses. The resource disadvantage of the attacker is extremely unequal. " Easy to attack but difficult to defend " is the best description of the cloud data network security industry. In order to maintain more and more decentralized blockchain applications, the joint support of tens of thousands of nodes is required, and the nodes themselves also represent It is a very important computing resource . The DGS project is to use innovative resources to prove the formation of a distributed computing resource sharing platform. Powerful ecosystem. At present, all the profitable application sectors of digital currency on the market are not open to the outside world. All profit distribution is solely distributed by the operating entity. Fund-type quantitative applications, information applications, gaming applications, and exchange platforms etc., ordinary users can not participate in the rights of points with them, and each application or just a single platform profitability can not be diversified development, the ability to expand profit sector, all of which use digital currency only do the floor of the user can At present, only the platform tokens of major exchanges enjoy the rewards . In DGS ecosystem, all of the rights and product distribution are in accordance with the labor and tribute distribution degree offering, will use rights, distribution rights, management rights and interests of the community by voting, community self-management, users, investors, operators staff Connected together, each role can enjoy the benefits of overall sector development, the mobilization of community resources and enthusiasm. DGS team hopes DGS Token apply to the entire ecosystem of the aimed to create Yi safe, open and stable economies in digital asset sharing platform, the platform will be inside various forms of application, each individual application sectors will Become a rigid demand for users in the currency circle, and each application will solve the pain points of users in this field, and provide users with more convenient, fast and accurate trading services ; at the same time, participants, investors, and team members will use DGS Token for rights and interests distribution, so that the true meaning of " responsible for the team, responsible for the user, is responsible for investors', that is equal to the share holders of the economy's interests, all users in a participatory to DGS all applications ecological interests distribution among.

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