Denver-based Company Blazy Susan Elaborates Their Extensive Line of Rolling Trays

With a wide range of eco-friendly products for better smoking experience, Blazy Susan is known for manufacturing items that help customers enjoy every smoke. This brand is a brainchild of Will Breakell, who significantly contributed to the cannabis industry through his products.

There are many additional smoking accessories are often added to make your smoking session all the more enjoyable. One such accessory is the rolling tray, explicitly used for rolling your herb into rolling papers for smoking. And with Blazy Susan's extensive collection, customers can choose between dab trays, spinning, plastic or steel rolling trays, etc.

Blazy Susan Rolling Trays provide a smooth and leveled surface on which one can roll herbs. It creates a specific spot for rolling that also makes the clean-up process simple and easy. All extra crumbs falling out of the grinder or papers are caught here. Thus customers can scoop everything up and simply add it back to their joint or blunt. In fact, Blazy Susan's Plastic Rolling Trays also have a "funnel" at the corner, valuable in pouring it all back once done. Thus there'll be a lesser wastage of product and money!

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The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray keeps your smoking-area clean and organized. Customers can store their smoking accessories like pipes, dab tools, bowls into separate compartments. These smoking accessories are pretty expensive. Keeping them together will make it simpler for customers to maintain them, and they wouldn't lose them easily. In fact, most Blazy Susan Rolling Trays are apt for smoking-enthusiast because of their wide assortment of slots and built-in storage areas.

Choosing the appropriate Rolling Tray depends upon the customer's smoking style or preference. A stainless steel rolling tray is excellent for customers who want to keep it simple. Nonetheless, the choice ultimately depends upon how often a customer expects to use it and the level of organization that they need. Blazy Susan also has Rolling Trays for U.K. Buyers and international shipments. Thus customers all over Canada and The U.K can also order these extra functional rolling trays that are built from years of consumer improvements and feedbacks.

Additionally, Blazy Susan Rolling Trays are highly durable and last for a long time. These functionality-inspired rectangular trays are also available in different shapes and sizes. So if a customer wishes to roll a joint on-the-go, while traveling, he/she can get these in a smaller size that will easily fit into their travel bags. Customers will also find many customization options showcasing additional features like silicone inserts, dab pads, or even a list of available wood-styled rolling trays.

About the Company:

Blazy Susan was founded by Will Breakell, who is now the CEO of this company. This company aims to create durable and nature-friendly cannabis-related products to enhance one's smoking experience. Over the years, this company has grown a lot. It is now revered by its highly supportive community of both customers and fans worldwide.

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