Denver Bartending School Trending Towards Innovation in the Cocktail and Beverage Industry

Mixology Changing The Way Consumers View Cocktails

The cocktail and beverage industry is trending toward innovation just like everything else in the world. Going out for cocktails with friends may never go out of style, however the menus and drinks available may. Craft cocktails are trending in gastropubs, and also in generic restaurant chains. Consumers find satisfaction in handcrafted beverages, knowing the art and technique that goes into making them. Basic cocktails and beverages will always stand tall, but the competition to provide the most unique and tasty beverage is always present.

Every year, there are cocktail conferences, seminars, and competitions that take place all over the nation. It is a place for bartenders, mixologists, and cocktail enthusiasts alike come to congregate and share the newest tips and tricks of the industry. Many people are aware of the latest and greatest trends on the menu, however the industry is always taking steps forward to innovate beverage and cocktail options. Competition is heavy with popular, new ingredients like herbal tinctures, eggs whites, and rich spices. Technique is also a factor that pushes the competition. Many cocktail venues are going further to innovate the cocktail-making techniques. Centrifuge and sous-vide machines are currently the most cutting-edge techniques.

Mixology is moving away from the average, sugary cocktail and closer to gastronomic creations. This is great news for bartenders that are looking to gain an edge on the competition. The beverage industry is incredibly profitable. Bartenders and mixologists that have the knowledge and technique to make such specialty drinks have great potential to earn more than the average bartender. New cocktail trends are moving toward a gastronomic approach that involves an artistic technique, just like cooking and baking.

“Innovation is very prevalent in the beverage industry. It is what helps bartenders and mixologists to further profit from their skill set,” says Ron Skaggs. “Keeping up-to-date knowledge on current cocktail trends is very profitable for bartenders,” Skaggs goes on to say.

The Denver Bartending and Casino College is an accredited college that provides affordable courses that prepare graduates for their career. Courses provide the most progressive knowledge and techniques to help graduates profit from their education.


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