Dentistry for Children and Teens Launches Prevention Campaign for Steep Risk Factors

Preventative measures helps ward off extensive consequences of tooth decay, publishes

With the start of a new academic year looming over Atlanta residents, parental focus is currently centered around arming children with school supplies and fresh wardrobes. According to area school officials, parents may need to add their children's dental health to that list of concerns. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports an estimated 20 percent of students under the age of 11 suffer with at least one cavity while that number decreases slightly among middle and high schoolers. Dental problems such as this have been linked to inhibited learning in addition to a range of other issues.

With this in mind, Wesley Powell DDS of Dentistry for Children and Teens has launched the practice's preventative measures campaign. Said Dr. Powell, "Pediatric dental disease is the leading chronic childhood illness in America. While tooth decay can have a negative impact on grades, it can also lead to a number of other physical and emotional problems. The good news is, all this is completely avoidable with regular visits to a pediatric dentist atlanta ga."

Enduring the pain associated with cavities can be distracting to children, creating an inability to focus on activities in the classroom. This leads to declining grades as well as falling behind fellow students. Studies indicate pediatric dental disease is responsible for 51 million missed hours from school each year for students; not to mention, parents lose an equivalent amount of time from work catering to their children in this regard.

Thoughtless remarks from peers can bring about lowered self-esteem for those with dental problems. In some cases, this can ultimately result in impaired social development, anxiety and depression. Gum disease, various bacterial infections and malnourishment also stem from dental decay. Extreme instances have left children hospitalized. Though rare, some have lost their lives due to complications of tooth deterioration and gum disease.

Concluded Dr. Powell, "Even though tooth decay is the most common of childhood ailments, it's also the most preventable. Taking measures to ward off decay greatly reduces all the associated risks both now and later in life. We can treat existing cavities for children while catching potential future issues to keep them from becoming problematic. We also recommend children have their first consultation with an orthodontist in atlanta by the age of 7 to diagnose misalignment scenarios as early as possible. By working together with our patients and their parents, we can create an all-inclusive plan for treatment and prevention."

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