Dentist Portland Recommends Implants As First-Line Treatment For Tooth Loss Instead Of Dentures

Uptown Family Dental is able to recommend the least costly, most conservative treatment options available to a patient. Our patients enjoy the benefits of long-lasting, beautiful dental restorations.

Uptown Family Dental and Dr. David Wiley DMD are pleased to announce their dental practice is focused on placing implants for patients who have missing teeth. For those people who are not able to preserve the natural teeth for any reason, the dentist Portland team recommends implants, rather than dentures. Modern dentistry focuses on prevention and the team believes prevention is the key to optimal oral health. Patients are encouraged to be proactive about their dental treatment. By identifying and addressing concerns early, a more positive result is obtained, irrespective of the cause of the dental issue.

The practice uses the latest in dental equipment and techniques to serve patients. Digital x-rays are a tool which is useful in early identification of dental problems. By using such detection equipment, dental issues can be identified before they become major and costly problems. The x-ray equipment is used mainly to detect internal tooth decay, cysts (fluid-filled sacks at the base of the teeth), tumors (both cancerous and non-cancerous), impacted teeth and teeth that are still coming in.

The procedure commonly known as root canal therapy addresses the pulp chamber and the inside of the tooth roots. The dentist cleans and seals the inside of the tooth to prevent infection. If the tooth is compromised but is repairable, root canal therapy is sometimes utilized instead of extracting the tooth. This type of therapy is only indicated in certain situations, but can often save an infected tooth.

Cosmetic procedures are another reason why people go to the dentist. The Uptown team can attach porcelain veneers, or perform teeth whitening to brighten up aged or stained teeth. Dental bonding allows the professionals to do reshaping of teeth, using modern restorative materials. 3D intra-oral scanning replaces traditional dental impression. This offers greater patient satisfaction than impressions. The images lead to digital fabrication of dental products which are unparalleled in the accuracy of function and fit.

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