Dentist Offers Free Teeth Whitening and Advice

Dr Muzzafar Zaman is offering free teeth whitening and advice to all clients.

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and cheapest methods for improving your smile. Yellowed teeth can be quickly improved using a laser technique which removes discolouration giving you beautiful teeth at least 1 - 2 shades lighter.

There are two methods for whitening teeth and for the best results you should request both from your dentist. The first method is the laser treatment as above which is performed in surgery and takes around 30 minutes to complete. Your dentist will be able to do this for you, ensuring a pain-free and non-invasive experience.

The second method should be considered a follow-up to the laser treatment and is a gel you can apply at home. The gel is ideal for topping up the whiteness of your teeth which will fade naturally as various foods and drinks cause discolouration over time. The gel and the laser whitening together cost less than they would apart so it is definitely worth doing this step now, rather than waiting until later.

Though you might be confident in whitening your teeth at home, asking a dentist to do it for you will ensure that you get a brilliant finish and avoid any sensitivity as a result of the treatment. A dentist like Muzzafar Zaman is well practised in teeth whitening and will provide you with the best possible results.

Dr Muzzafar Zaman is offering all his clients free teeth whitening as well as advice to improve your smile and overall health of your teeth. Normally, the cost of this treatment would be £250! This is a great offer as there will be an immediate difference to the way you look and feel. Teeth whitening does not affect fillings so Dr Muzzafar Zaman will also be able to advice on the best options if you have fillings of a different colour. For example, you may wish to replace the fillings.

Follow-up treatments will be available at the usual price so if you want to achieve more than 1 or 2 shades lighter you can still get there relatively easily and cheaply. Dr Muzzafar will advise you in your first session how many treatments you will require to achieve your overall goal.

For more information about the amazing teeth whitening deal on offer, please contact Dr Muzzafar Zaman on 01708 848726, or email him at Please address any postal queries to 31 Shortcrofts Rd Dagenham RM9 5PP UK, and to see more services and treatments available, please visit

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